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16 March 2012


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Thrifty Household

I totally agree! I prune the Viburnum at the wrong time in order enjoy some of the flowers inside the house (If I had access to Forsythia I'd have done exactly the same thing)

Nina - tabiboo

What a fab idea.

Right - where are my snippers.

Have a lovely weekend

Nina xxxx


Beautiful! Think my neighbor would notice me snipping at hers?

(As always, your bathroom looks immaculate.)


I think your artful spring arrangement perfectly justifies the hacking away x


Beautiful! Where are your random toothpaste splashes though? That's mostly what my bathroom is accessorised with :-D. Bet yours is more relaxing to bathe in though!


Oh what a wonderful idea! So elegant. K x

French Knots

What a stylish bathroom you have! Right off to find the headtorch so I can snip some forsythia too....


different climate 'round your parts... mine is still not flowering... my scissors are poised!


Great idea, think I will be emulating this!


Simple and beautiful, Ali. As all the best art is. Now where are my secateurs?! E x

Magic Bean

Love having flowers in the bathroom. They never look quite as elegant as yours though. Happy Mother's Day, Ax


Gorgeous! And I just love the notion of pre-emptive pruning!



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