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09 March 2012


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Google maps tells me that CN is just 57 mins away from Worcester. A44 here I come.


ooh it looks fantastic! so what did you buy!


My favourite yarn shop is Wool for Ewe in Rosemount Aberdeen.......... but it's an hour and a half away and oh so well worth the journey.

Please, please tell, - what did you bring home with you?


I'm with Carol. What did you buy and what will you make with it?


Ooh that looks like my kind of shop! Unfortunately I don't really have a particular shop that I go to for such crafty items, I get things from all over. There was a shop I used to visit a lot in Manchester called Abakhans which did EVERYTHING but I don't even live in the same country as that shop anymore, it's a bit too far to go :-)


What a gorgeous shop! Sadly too far for me to travel to, although I do get down that way from time to time. I'm lucky in that I have Stash in Chester not too far away, but I'm always looking for somewhere new with different yarns :D

Oh, and I'll add my plea to tell us what you bought please :D

Magic Bean

I wish I could knit.... Ax

Terri Chant

I wish I could knit as well ....


Sorry - did't mean to be secretive - I got some Lang felting wool as I am on a bowl-making kick.

Account Deleted

Wow! I will have to get myself up there! I used to live round the corner from Chipping Norton - bit gutted I moved now!


Oh I completely agree with you about clothes shopping! But yarn shopping is something else entirely. Bliss.

K x


We've got a new one in Cambridge, and they offer you a cup of tea almost as soon as you walk through the door! And they sell little amigurumi eyes! You have to love a LYS.


Daughter and I have Fibreworks on our summer visiting list - we'll we can dream! Our local woolshop is a bit of a disappointment in that it isn't very cozy though they are quite pleasant. (Not that I need yarn, I'm overstocked as I inherited someone else's stash but inevitably isn't all to my taste)


What a lovely shop! One on the "must visit" list! Although on-line shopping is disconcertingly easy you do need to know what you want and sometimes the colours are not very true just on the wesites. I agree there's nothing to beat going in person and seeing / feeling yarn in the wool so to speak!

On another matter, Gillian at tales from a happy house "tagged" me yesterday. I have posted a tagging post (as per the instructions) and "tagged" you in turn. I hope you don't mind. If it's not your thing, feel free to ignore. Not sure about the etiquette of these things.

So glad the chocolate chip cookies went down well!

See you soon.
E x

Catrina Rusher

I found Fibreworks by accident one Saturday afternoon - and it's everything you have mentioned and more. The Wednesday evening knitting group is really great and very welcoming. Not been able to go much recently due to work and ill health - but it's really is a great LYS - I'd rather travel the 30 mile round trip than use the sadly less inspiring one closer to home.

French Knots

I have a lovely shop called Fibre and Clay about half an hour away in Knutsford, Cheshire. They are so inspiring to visit aren't they but rather dangerous to the purse!

Lynne Kovan

There's nothing like a wool shop. Sheer joy! Maybe it's because there aren't many around that makes them such a lovely find. I am lucky to have one in Dorking where I live. And what's more I go there every Friday morning for 'Knit and Natter'. Perfection!


What a fabulous looking shop! I love all the cosy bits. My LYS is great with really lovely people and scrummy wool - especially their own handpainted sock wool. They also have knit-and-natter groups 3 times a week and every other Monday evening which are fun. As for clothes shopping - hate it! Lucy xx


Oooh, it sounds like a wonderful shop. I LOVE those cute yarn balls hanging there with the knitting needles in them. I hate clothes shopping too -- Yuck!

UK lass in US

Ooh, how lovely!

So far every time I discover a LYS near here it goes out of business about a month after I visit, which is starting to make me a little paranoid. At the moment I'm stuck buying yarn from chain craft stores and overstock stores. The search continues...


aaah, so that's why i always buy something, the yarn shop essence, i thought i was just greedy! i wanted to tell you about my 3 favourite shops, but since fibre and clay and stash have already been mentioned, i'll just tell you about the knit studio in newcastle...i would definately like to live there, surrounded by gorgeous yarn, friendly people and with a constant supply of tea and cakes - bliss, it's my happy place!

Cate, x


oh my, what a treasure trove! It looks like my kind of retail therapy heaven. Sadly there aren't any decent yarnie shops really near to me anymore. When I feel like I drive I head up to Jolie which is such a pretty little shop full of lots of lovely things, aswell as a great yarn selection. We definitely need more shops like these around!

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