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14 March 2012


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What a wonderful and interesting set of answers! And the pics are just gorgeous. Your rule-breaking version is rather better than the original I think. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at N&N Elizabeth x


Ali, your writing is always such a lift, you have a sharp mind and wit and I do like your answers x

UK lass in US

I have the sneaky suspician that losing my sense of taste might actually be a good thing - I might be more likely to pick a healthier alternative to chocolate...

My dad keeps telling me that lots of post boxes are being stolen then sold to Americans. I can understand why: I miss the cheerful red boxes.


thanks ali! that was fun.

it's funny how motherhood changes us. i also gave up perfume and along with that... long hair and jewelry. i still have not found my way back to any of them.


Oh my goodness, the thought of losing one's sense of taste has literally terrified me. Mind you it would probably make me lose weight.


Oh that was wonderful. And I have the same philosophy re lipstick and high heels. K x


brilliant answers. I love the thought of you and your inner toddler x


I love reading these sort of "random things" blog posts. Your answers made fascinating reading Ali

Magic Bean

Love the random photos. Love your answers. Snap with the cotton buds.
Happy tomorrow, Ax


I definitely agree with number 2 - I ALWAYS get changed into comfy clothes when I get in. It must have been awful to lose your sense of taste, gosh I can't imagine what that would be like!


Oh how elegantly you tweak the rules of tagging. And what great questions Liz sent your way. I don't do insurance renewals either.

Loved this post :D


Great questions, great answers! I thought of you as I reached for the cotton buds this morning....


Very fun! I always love to read these sorts of posts to see where our similarities and differences lie. Love your random photos!


Loved the random photos and the not at all random answers - my aunt, a nurse, always told me that you should never put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear!


If I say that this was thoroughly entertaining, you're not going to go and nominate me for one of these things, are you?

But seriously, I loved it. And I cannot wait to post a letter from a cheery cherry box like that one.


A great list Ali. Like Kristen I gave up jewellery when the children were babies - well, earrings in particular and have never got back into wearing them although I sometimes think I should. And I have never quite got into makeup and definitely not high heels - like you, they're something I need to do when I grow up.

Lucy xx

Sew Create It - Jane

Fantastic post! Loved it...

I don't wear lipstick either :-)

The Coffee Lady

I am very much with you on the loungewear.

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