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21 March 2012


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suzie sews at Dotty Red

Oh I see your a natural... no stopping you now... smile!

suzie sews at Dotty Red

Ahhh you fooled me, thought you had done it yourself... go on have a go, its addictive.... :)


A list of pleasing things is perfect blog fodder is it not? Very impressed with Mark's school for putting on GE. I started reading it after Christmas and have let it gather dust under my bed -can't even remember who Wemmick is.


A delightful list of pleasing things!


Definitely more than just a sandwich when shared with friends. Wish we could see each other more often :) K x


That's a very good list and I loved seeing the beautiful photograph you took if the fob.


Love the machine embroidery! I'd love to have a go on that. Can you do it on any sewing machine?


Love the machine embroidery! I'd love to have a go on that. Can you do it on any sewing machine?


jealous of your lunches with friends! i could use one of those, wanna come over? :)


Ahhh, such lovely things -- especially that darling bobble from Rebecca! Thanks for the link to a new-to-me Philosophy of Lists -- a very fun read!


Lunches with friends are always happy things. I missed a lunch date with a chum today, I had to cancel on her which always makes me feel bad.


I've had a very nice day out shopping with a friend today which has got me in the perfect mood for my trip to London tomorrow with the same friend and others and my big sister! I'm really looking forward to it and it looks like the weather is going to stay nice too :o)

The Coffee Lady

I have to think of pleasing things. I have to think of pleasing things.


what a very pleasing list indeed. I expect you're enjoying Marks play at this very moment - hope it all goes well and he enjoys the experience x


Wemmick was my favourite character in GE when we read it (interminably) at school. Pip needed a good slap (or so my 16 year old self thought), Estella was just like the most horrible girls in the school and the rest were clearly mad.

Lucky you, lunch and chat. Can't beat it.

Thomasina Tittlemouse

I love lists like this - creative thinking lists that spark the imagination rather than the lists of thngs to do that I seem to start every day with! Your list beautifully holds together the varied things in your day which I really like too. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Elizabeth x


All very good things indeed! I do like a good list.

The flatbread looks delicious - I've tried Nigella's recipe, which is great, but not come across Jamie's. It looks like it has the perfect texture. I really like your free-embroidered linen too, very pretty.

Angela Bickerton

Those flatbreads look amazing (lovely post altogether). I googled Jamie Oliver recipes but there are a few. Could you please tell me which one you used?


What a great character Wemmick is--three cheers for Mark (or at least tip him a nod)!


This post made me smile, instantly uplifting and cheery...the flatbreads look delicious too by the way!

Julia x x x


I wonder if you still feel that winter's behind you? It's right in front of us here, chucking down bits of hail...

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