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17 February 2012


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Yum to the wedges ... I will make sure I have sweet potatoes in my basket this afternoon!


must try those wedges, they do sound yummy.

And quiet week? Quiet is good. Very good.


I forgot to say... that is gotta be the best title ever. Perfect for a book.

Erin McDonald

I went to Elizabeth's blog as you suggested and I loved the Knitters and Natters interview. I have added yet another blog to my very long list of Blogs I Follow.... thanks!

In the States, we start our February vacation week; for me at 1:30... high school releases first. Yay! A week to knit and blog!


Half term just isn't long enough is it? Your sweet potato wedges look fab. I usually make a dip of mayo mixed with whatever herbs and spices I can find lying around for mine. Enjoy the weekend before the chaos of school commences again! XX

Fleur Cotton

Love your two little bunny knits, if you have a look at my valentines post you will see my little valentines knit which was made from my stash of oddments - i made it for myself but within fifteen minutes it was claimed by my nine year old daughter!

I just love knitting, the fact that with a few oddments and a couple of hours you can have something special.

My valentines make can be found at fleurcotton.blogspot.com

Fleur xx


ah those bunnies are adorable.
this week has gone so fast, how can it be Friday night already.?


Um, here's something else you can't find here: sweet potatoes ...
Bunnies are adorable.


Ali, thank you so much for your kind reference! So very sweet of you. I love the Bunny Nuggets - possibly even within my extremely limited knitting powers! The stripy jellies look wonderful - never mind what the mixed flavours taste like! See you next week hopefully, once everyone is back at school. Elizabeth xx


Those Bunny Nuggets are such fun! We'll be trying sweet potato wedges tomorrow ... thank you for the tip :D


How cute are your bunny nuggets!


It sounds like you had a good week. I hope you have recovered from the bike ride! The stripy jelly looks great and I love those bunny nuggets. Lucy xx


What a lovely sounding week (well... not the goose poo!) Must give those wedges a try.


The wedges look pretty good if you ask me! Will definitely give them a try next time I'm looking for inspiration at the vegetable aisle...

Beta Mother ♥

Love the look and promise of those wedges too.. have bookmarked the recipe and will try... always grateful for veg ideas so thx!

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