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19 February 2012


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Now *that* is a cake he'll remember forever!


That is indeed ace. Happy birthday young man.


oh wow, what a cake! Johnny's cheeky smile says how pleasing that is! Many happy returns Johnny x


Puts my son's over-iced cake into perspective.


Now that is just awesome, hope he feels better soon


Wow what a cake! Happy birthday Johnny!

Nina - tabiboo

You sold me with the cola bottles - fizzy?

What a fab cake and 'happy birthday' young man. Hope you feel better soon

Nina xxxx


a cakeless cake! how brilliant!

happy birthday Johnny (geeeesh 8???) hope you get better soon!


That is some construction. I have a thing for fizzy cola bottles. Happy birthday. 8 is quite grown up. Well, it is if you're 6.

I hope his cold disappears for partytime.

French Knots

Oh yummy, I want one for my birthday too! Happy Birthday Johnny!


Gosh - did Granny make it or buy it. If the latter I would love to know from where as I have a friend (in her forties) who loves all manner of kid sweets and I would LOVE to get her a cake like this.


What a fantastic "cake"! I wouldn't have been able to resist either - especially fizzy cola bottles. Lucy x


P.S Happy Birthday Johnny - can't believe I forgot the most important bit! x


Ooh that looks like a big sweet celebration! Happy Birthday, Johnny, and get well in time for party day! K x

Alice C

Happy, happy birthday, Johnny. Wishing you a wonderful year. It looks as though it's going to be a lucky one!


Happiest of Birthdays, little man!
wow, that cake is really something!


wow, what a cake!
hope you all have a great time celebrating :)


What a brilliant cake!

Fleur Cotton

What a brilliant idea!

I am looking for ideas for a birthday cake for later in the year .... it's for a special birthday ..... my other half's 40th! - he is still a bid kid at heart and likes nothing more than a big bag of jelly babies or cola bottles so this would be perfect for him and something he wouldn't be expecting!

Hope Johnny is feeling better soon - and 'happy birthday' to him.

Fleur xx


Wow - a sweetie cake - sounds like the perfect cake to me!! I hope the sweets helped perk up the birthday boy, and that he's better in time to enjoy his party XX


What a fun idea for a cake. Happy Birthday Mr. 8 -- what a perfect age!

Thomasina Tittlemouse

What a fantastic photo! (and cake!) Hope Johnny had a great birthday despite the cold and that a good number of those cheery fizzy jelly sweets helped ease the sniffles!


It's brilliant. Happy Birthday Johnny :D


Well, it IS a well known fact that cola bottles are THE best medicine for sniffles! Happy birthday to him! Jo x

The Coffee Lady

That was surreal. I have a real life friend called Johnny Bean - beanphoto.blogspot.com

In other news, this half term I ate all the children's wine gums. And I don't even like them.

Angel Jem

Happy Birthday! Day before my daughter's! Fortunately/unfortunately she didn't get such a marvellous cake.... she would have loved it, but I'm trying to be good! So temptation resisted sounds good to me.


Best. Cake. Ever.

Angela Bickerton

Happy Birthday Johnny. Hope it was a good day despite your cold. Such a fun idea for a cake and I think one that will be remembered for many years.


Granny must be special, with such a unique idea, it's simply gorgeous.
Happy birthday Johhny and feel better soon!


What a cute boy! Willpower? That word doesn't really work with me either ;-)

I simply wished to let you know you have inspired me to do the run/walk thing TOMORROW since I exceptionally have a day to myself WITHOUT MY CHILDREN.

And breathe.

Wish me luck with the running;

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