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10 February 2012


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Helen in Switzerland

Kids can be so mean, can't they? I hope you aren't too bruised - and at least you looked cool in your new hat - which I really like by the way!!


Fab hat Ali! Why is it children are always so delighted when things like this happen to their parents? Amy is exactly the same - she'd have been cackling about it for the rest of the day - little blighters eh? x


Ouch, I hope your bruising is minimal. Boys eh?


I had the opposite reaction from Fred when I fell over yesterday - the poor boy promptly burst into tears and ran to hug me and kept checking I was ok all the way to school! When we told Daisy she thought it was all rather amusing.


If it is any consolation, when I was 12 I slipped and fell on a muddy step while getting off the school bus - in front of the boy I was madly in love with. The horror.

(I recommend arnica. And I love the hat!)


Oh dear - not good! I fall over a lot in the snow and this year have invested in a pair of crampons. Excellent! Have stayed firmly on my feet - £15 very well spent!


Poor you! Lovely hat though.


Hope you weren't hurt... at least you had a very stylish hat. If you are going to fall over you might as well look stylish about it!


That is an ace hat. Hope the bruising ( and embarrassment) ease soon.

Nina - Tabiboo

Ouch! - I can completely sympathise though I'm not too sure which hurt the most - my bottom or shame.

Love the hat.

Have a fab weekend,

Nina x


Maybe the onlookers were admiring your hat and thought you'd decided to sit down so they could see it better ;)

Seriously, hope you're not too bruised x


Oh little boys can be so horrible! I'm making a mental note to enjoy mine whilst he's still not talking.


Great hat and also very nice face.

French Knots

Children, so delightful! LOVE the hat.


oh no!! you didn't!!

Last year our headmaster forgot to put the handbreak on and his car slid in the snow half way in the carpark blocking everybody from coming in! Too funny.

glad you're not heart and LOVE the hat. Fab colour on you.


People will be so distracted by your lovely hat that they won't remember they saw you lying on the floor in the snow! Hope you aren't too bruised XX


Yay for finished projects, and it's very fetching too!


Love the hat! I wasn't able to post this earlier but I just dropped in to tell you that I've got an award for you over at my blog! :)

Anita at Bishty

Great hat - now my Ravelry queue has grown even longer! Hope you're not too bruised!


Loving the Wurm!
Hope you're not hurting more today? I always do the day after (I'm ace at falling in the snow!)


Oooh what a fab hat!

I just finished winding the yarn for a wurm cowl last night as a break from proofreading!

And I hope you didn't hurt anything in the fall. I'm notorious for slipping on the ice in front of our building.

K x


You are adorable!


I'm about to cast on a new hat but I had to buy a circular needle instead of DPNs and it doesn't really work so far ... Yours is fab.

Sorry about the fall - some of the pavements are completely lethal at the moment.

The Coffee Lady

Sorry you fell - sometime, when I have the emotional strength, I can tell you about how I had to be rescued by a woman who came out of her house after she watched Eldest and me sliding backwards past her window.


Gorgeous hat, and lovely colour. With much sympathy from someone who is prone to regular wipe-outs (to the point where I walked up our steep, snow-covered drive in bare feet last year because I knew I'd fall over in shoes!).

Hoping neither your ego or your bottom are too bruised...

Sew Create It - Jane

Ooh...hope you are ok. Love the hat btw..looks fab!

Thomasina Tittlemouse

Ali, the hat is fantastic! Great to see the finished article after seeing it on the needles at Needles & Natter. So sorry about your fall and the lack of sympathetic concern from your offspring. Been there also! Take care and enjoy half term with those boys regardless! xx Elizabeth


But you looked absolutely CHARMING as you fell down. And really, that's all that matters. Boys wouldn't understand.

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