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13 February 2012


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We haven't had real jelly (by which I mean a packet jelly and not the stuff I make with leaf gelatine and fruit juice. I love the packaging, although the old card boxes were nicer. Jelly is on the list for next week.


oh jelly.... that's the only kind of cooking I can get my boys to help with. Must be a man 'thang'.

AND SNOW? YOU HAVE SNOW? how did you manage that??? we have MUD. (and not the glorious kind either)


Rainbow jelly sounds so exciting. Sounds like a great half term project. I adore half terms x

Thomasina Tittlemouse

I love these pics! Everything that is best about half terms summed up neatly! Enjoy!


Happy half term to you! I do so love holidays without agenda, doing nothing is very under rated. Love the jelly plans.


Looks and sounds like you're having a fab holiday. And striped jelly is the best!

K x


What is it with boys and jelly? I still have to make this at least once a week and apparently, you have to eat the whole bowl in one go.


Gosh it's years since I had jelly, perhaps my men would like to make some!

Happy half-term x


Why don't we have jelly in Italy? It looks beautiful set in a rainbow.


Rainbow jelly sounds like a great plan! When the children were little I used to find half terms and holidays quite hard work - now they are a pleasant break from the routine although I don't think we always make the best use of our time - an awful lot of telly-watching seems to happen. Lucy x


Sounds like all the right ingredients for a good half term holiday indeed. Ours was actually going quite well until 1.30 this morning when Toby started throwing up - still I have squeezed some quiet knitting time in today inbetween taking his temperature and giving him sips of water. Hope you all stay healthy for the rest of the week and that Johnny has fun jelly making!


Rainbow jelly has suddenly appeared at the top of my to do list. Odd, that.

With squirty cream and sprinkles, I trust? All the best bits of a trifle without the soggy bananas. Mmmm.


you have to love the jelly

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