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25 February 2012


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VERY impressed.

My chiropractor gave me some 'running' homework before the next appt. (I know!! WHAT THE..?)

I might have to seriously start running again!


That's the only way to do it, one step at a time, slow and steady wins the race as they say!

Fleur Cotton

Keep on going! I started out about four years ago, after five minutes I was exhausted! I now run four times a week, am a member of a running club and just love running and enjoy half marathons! If you told me that I'd be saying that when I began I'd of thought you were mad. The only problem is that I know have less knitting time .... !

Happy Running
Fleur xx

You can read about my tales of knitting and running in my new blog:


Well done! Now I know where I went wrong. I didn't have a list to tick. (I haven't run since it got icy)


Good for you...my running is sporadic at best but still just managed to finish week 4 (think I'm behind a week or two).


Slow and steady will get you there. And I can vouch for the real boost when you complete your first full 5k run. It's amazing. I started when I was 48 and my ambition is to still be running 5k on my 75th birthday..........the kids are horrified!!


yeah, keep going! xxx


Well done you :D So what if it doesn't look too good it's happening which is more than many, me included, can say. Happy running :D


congratulations!! I've started the same project some weeks ago, and I like reading your experience, so similar to mine! I've also the feeling that I won't be able to achieve the next step, but I also can!!
I'm thinking about a different program after this one! :D


I've gone as far as downloading the podcasts. Then breaking my iPhone. It was an accident, I swear.

Lynne Kovan

Impressed, go for it. The worst bit is getting out of the door. Once you're out it's plain sailing ish!


I am soooo jealous. Don't think I'll be running for a while after my foot meeting the Le Creuset casserole lid. Keep going and enjoy it - I'll be cheering you on! Think it's back to walking and cycling for me for a while...


I'm so impressed with you Ali! You are my role model! I'm quite a bit behind you as I'm only just over half way through week 2 - and like you I am dreading moving up to the next week and doubting whether there is any chance that I will be able to do the increased amount of running - so it is very heartening to have you successfully running ahead of me!

Lucy xx

The Coffee Lady

It's not raining too much with you, is it?


congratulations!! thank you for sharing article! I've started the same project some weeks ago, and I like reading your experience, so similar to mine! I will continue noticing your blog!


No shame in that at all - well done, keep going :) If I'm swithering about whether to run or not there's a part of me that the Nike logo/branding has clearly penetrated very deeply - the Just Do It motto usually moves me every time I swither. I turn off the brain, don't think, just do.

Love the idea of still running a 5k at 75 years old! I met an older gent mountain biking in the woods yesterday and was glad for a great example, very inspiring :)


So impressed with your running! After weeks on the computer I'm definitely feeling the need to get out and get moving.

And I love the term self-quantifier. I'm most definitely one too!

K x


Go, Ali, GO!

UK lass in US

Running: 3 injuries - finally gave up after a sprained ankle

Fixed the car so that I can go to the pool in the next town over (the local one's being refurbished): getting eczema on my face.

Tried Pilates: doesn't seem like it is much of a work out.

I think it will have to be swimming plus eczema.

Aussie Mum

Thanks for sharing this link - I really need something to get me moving and this might just do the trick!

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