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07 February 2012


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Being part of an on-line tribe is definitely a good thing. That feeling of 'speaking the same language', of sharing pleasures and of being able to ramble on about the joys of yarn without feeling a right dweeb is a good, good thing!


It seems that a might fine time was had by all. I must remember to read the other blogs.


You are such a lucky girl to be hanging with that fun group of bloggers. I think my eyes were popping out of my head when I read the first post saying that you'd all been together -- soooo exciting!!!


I'm glad you found a tribe! I am lucky to have an awesome group of women in my neighbourhood without whom I'd be lost. PS. we're heading back this summer for 3 weeks so would love to try meet up v2!!!



The bloggy tribe is a rather rare and wonderful one isn't it? We are very lucky. Lucy x


mmmm the meet up. bah humbug.


ah, that sounds so fun. you know i will definitely drop you a line if i'm ever in the neighborhood. ;)

i have no tribe in 'real life' which is kinda sad/frustrating. friends, but few who 'get' me. luckily, i know people online or i'd be super sad right now.


yup, good tribe.

i'm still riding the happy wave I caught on Saturday, which is just as well given the week I'm having.

I might just go for a bath and reminisce... do you think that for once they'd manage to put themselves to bed? Nahhh to risky.


I've said similar things myself ... I'm lucky to have a wonderful tribe of real-world friends who share my passion for handiwork and whippets, but membership of the bloggy tribe is a more recent blessing that I am thankful for every day.

If only I could bring myself to tweet I might get to know you all even better!


What a lovely gathering of friends. I rather like the look of your lunch too... if only "Field to Fork" were nearer.


Sounds like you had a great get-together with your online friends. I must check out their blogs too.

I totally understand what you mean about the school gates bragging and gossiping. It makes you treasure true friendship.


Laughing at Tess's comment. And admiring your lunch.


Have looked Field to Fork up and will be emailing you!!! Looks delicious.
I feel eternally grateful that I've never had to do the school gate shenanigans and equally that I have found my tribe.


And the best thing is, you can never get voted off.


It's a good tribe. I keep remembering Saturday and smiling.

Field to Fork sounds excellent and that nosh looks too good to miss.


Oh yes - me too! I often feel like a stranger in a strange land where I live, but I've found a group of like minded friends through blogs as well. So good that you got to meet your blogging friends in real life ;).


Well, the grapevine has indeed reached the far south west! A bloggy tribe is such a great tribe to belong to - and what a fabulous day you all had. I have a little bit of envy, I have to admit.....


A tribe - perfect! I would now be lost without blog friendships - I do have a network of local friends, for sure, but there's something very special about meeting up with people you just *know* you're going to get on with - because you've already done all the awkward stuff by email.

And I am having kittens just thinking about how I am going to explain al this stuff to my children when their time comes ...


Modern day penpals - it's the best.


I drive past there every day and have wondered what it is like - I'll have to try it now, thanks for the suggestion!

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