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22 February 2012


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Thrifty Household

Mr TH has just had a birthday so cake was a must...
I love your coat hanger idea- so simple & so thrifty too! Thank you for linking it to the Making Winter Blog Hop


"Life is too short to be confronted on a daily basis by things which make us feel grey." Well said, I agree completely. And I think there's such a lot to be said for making the most of the little things we use everyday, whether that's hangers or nice mugs or cakes.

Magic Bean

I LOVE that coathanger idea. Love it.
Just started raining here, it really is a blurgh day.

Thomasina Tittlemouse

I completely agree - we spend most of our time with everyday stuff not the things that only come out once in a blue moon so it makes perfect sense to make them things of beauty and that give joy rather than just functionality. Same is true of clothing.
And I wouldn't worry about the cakes either - Lent is meant to be a creative time of preparation for Easter not all doom and gloom and No Cake despite popular perception that it's about Giving Up anything remotely nice! I do hope you sent those cakes in to school regardless!


As always, you have a very thoughtful post -- I love your "Life is too short..." quote. Especially in the middle of this gray and boring winter. It's not even a white winter here this year. Those cute little hangers definitely brighten the spot!


So important to do that kind of thing to cheer yourself up I think. It's just the kind of thing I love, and that mystifies my husband completely. Glad I am in like-minded company!

Angel Jem

Too right.... wire coat hangers should be banned but failing that they might as well look pretty. I got Anthea'ed some years ago and got all wood ones in. It made me smile this week when I cleared out 3 bags of clothes and lined all my hangers up straight.



So what this means is that I'm going to order the sofa bed in either teal or claret velvet, instead of the practical grey linen cotton, a decision I've been dithering about because my heart said one thing and my wallet said another.

Thanks. Though you did just cost me £200.


bleurgh to grey February is all I can say. oh and the howling wind can give over as well.......


Quite agree. It is the little things that often have the most impact.

Helen in Switzerland

I quite agree! And sometimes it's so liberating to get rid of things you don't like that have been haunting you for ages - I hate the guilt associated with perfectly good clothes that just feel all wrong when you put them on, but seem too good to get rid of. I think you've just inspired me to tackle my wardrobe tomorrow!!

French Knots

Couldn't agree more I like to tackle a small hot spot,something messy or uninspiring and make it pretty and pleasing. I've done the tiny top landing and have just tackled my tottering magazine pile. Anything to make me feel lass 'grey' in this damp, miserable month.


Another genius idea! SO cute.


you make me laugh... cakes on lent. That's totally the thing I would have done!

Love the coat hanger. And de-cluttering rocks.

The Coffee Lady

Most of my spaces are sprinkled with Stuff - bits of pens and Kinder egg toys and vital forms and dead batteries.

The more I remove them, the more they breed. They do not make my heart glad.


I need to purge the whole house! But I've been wrapping sticks with coloured yarn lately - they're a flower substitute when you have no flowers, yarn bombed twigs - and I'm thinking 'would that work for wire coat hangers' ... great post!


I so agree with your sentiment about surrounding yourself with things that make you happy! That's what I'm trying to do at the moment to.

S x


An inspiring post, this month I have been wearing my best earrings every day instead of for best, as they just cheer me up when I catch the sparkle in reflections. I love the coat hanger idea, inspired.


That's an inspiring thought. I aim to have a house which contains only things I love (I'll shut the doors to the kids' clutter and pretend it doesn't exist!) rather than things bought cheap when I desperately needed something to make do. It's also one of the reasons I aim to knit a pair of socks a month this year. Happy Feet!


I love your cheery coathanger and your philosophy Ali. Am also rather impressed that you have started spring cleaning already!


The coathangers - are those the ones you mentioned at Tracy's? They would certainly make a wardrobe more beautiful. Here's to a less flat weekend and Spring, for goodness sake.


Oh too right. Things that don't make me happy, drain me. Purging is a good idea. Somebody once told me that if your heart wasn't in cake baking, then it would never work. Your hanger idea sounds lovely.

UK lass in US

Those cupcakes look fine to me!

We're not allowed to bring in home made food to school - I don't know if it is fear of evil parents trying to poison off classmates / allergy prevention / they have heard what my baking skills are like...

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