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25 January 2012


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Ooh this might be just the thing! I've been thinking about running. Have just started daily use of an exercise dvd, so maybe if I survive this for a few more weeks I'll venture out into the outside world!


Well done you! I am very impressed. I'd love to join you but unfortunately since I broke my leg running is out of the question. I would otherwise though ;-) Cathy XX


How strange, I took a very similar photo myself today! I too started (or should I say re-started) running a couple of weeks ago. I used to be quite into it Before Children (nearly 5 years ago) and I am now probably more unfit than I have ever been. So I will be getting red-faced and puffing and panting too! Thanks for the tip-off about the C25k programme, I'm off to look it up!


Ah yes...why does the stop starting embarrass us so?! My husband regularly listens to comedy podcasts when he runs. I think he must be even more embarrassing and somewhat scary, running in a balaclava in winter time and laughing outloud hysterically!

Kashi Griffith

My 65 year old mother and my 42 year old sister both just ran (seperate) half-marathons. You can do it. They did it for the Liver Cancer Society, and themselves.

The Coffee Lady

I did a Couch to 5k a few years ago - I loved it. But it revealed a hidden problem with my knees, so I had to abandon it and now I am all about the swimming.

Ahem. I mean I will be.


Now there's a challenge worth taking on!


well done Ali! I am so not a runner but I have taken up nordic walking in an attempt to balance to all the time spent sat on my sofa knitting. I love exercising outdoors (rather than in a sweaty gym - I tried zumba last year, once, and that was enough!). Good luck with your running, I'm sure your stubborn streak will come in handy!


Sports bra.....that's what stops me.


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you are the second person today to challenge me to this. I guess someone is trying to tell me something....


I did this a couple of years ago and have maintained it on and off every since. It made a huge difference to my fitness and I love the freedom that those moments of running represent. I can't encourage you enough.


Wow, I am IMPRESSED. But I will never, ever have the right kind of body to be a runner. I'll just have to settle for cheering you on from the sidelines. Possibly with a chocolate bar in my hand.

Anita at Bishty

I've been reading Run Fat Bitch Run by Ruth Field. It's a great, easy read - she speaks sense! I am at the 'walking your route' stage and feeling good! I really want to get to the point where I can run without thinking my shins are going to snap (ie more than 100 yards!).



Well done!! I knew you could do it!!!

I looked at that too. I should re-start running... I must. I must.


I started this 3 weeks ago - it is ACE! I was just about to start week 3 (moving up to some serious, in my opinion running time with 3 mins at a time) when I hurt my back. I have to say I am MISSING it completely and will have to start back at week 1 when I go back!
Good Luck


Very impressed! K x

French Knots

Go for it! I took up running between child 1 and child 2, at first I couldn't run to the end of the road but eventually I worked up to running for an hour which made me feel amazing.


I started that this time last year, and went on to complete a half-marathon last October. Honestly, if I could do it, most people can. I haven't run for a while, because of a problem with my feet, but my doc just gave me the go ahead to start again. I may have to take Laura out with me to help me along. Good luck! You can do it!


My body isn't made for running but I can imagine the sense of achievement involved. Please, please, for all of us, keep going? C.x

UK lass in US

I've been running these last few weeks (most reluctantly, but they're refurbishing the local pool). By running I mean a run / walk mix. I even drive to the park so I don't have to bump into any neighbours. Not much progress has been made yet - but I've had several days of not being able to go, as I'm looking after an ill kid etc. Still, have yet to collapse in a heap, which must be a good sign...


Well done - I am impressed (says she, from the depths of the sofa, coffee mug to hand...)


I am so impressed. I try to do regular dog walks. That's about as far as I get.

I like Lynn's plan of running with a chocolate bar.


So great that you're starting! The beginning is the hardest, and if there's one thing I'd stress as a lifelong-but-ageing-runner/former coach, it's


Some days a walk, or a stretch, or a 10 min. run (plod/jog/crawl), can be enough. Don't get hung up on all-or-nothing, and don't judge yourself by others' standards.

That said, a road race can be a huge shot in the arm because the people there are ALWAYS so supportive. NO ONE ever says, "What are YOU doing here, you pathetic. . . " and the mood is so uplifting and pride-inducing. Plus, at least in the US, there are TSHIRTS.

So good for you! I hope running/jogging/getting outside and sweating can become a hugely positive part of your life!

Thrifty Household

I'm suitably impressed but no, I won't be joining you...Mr TH runs & I run the bath...


Well done for getting started! I used the C25k starting last May and it was amazing how quickly I improved. Now I'm running a 10 mile run in a couple of weeks and am loving it. The races are great: every seasoned (and much faster) runner is always really encouraging as I flail my way towards the finishing line.


I'm started week 4 today after 2 years of just wanting to be able to run around my block! The program is really manageable and not overwhelming at all, I am enjoying it! Hope you love it! Jane

suzie sews at Dotty Red

wowsers... inspiring... need my sports bra!!!!


Your post came at just the right time Ali - I bought myself my first pair of running shoes a week ago and went for a run-walk under cover of darkness with Dot then did nothing more for a week but with Dot's encouragement I downloaded the first podcast and went out again on Saturday. I'm so unfit and found the 60 second runs hard hard work but I survived the 30 minutes and just have to gear myself up to going out again tonight!


P.S. I forgot to say thank you for linking to the podcast - I wouldn't have found it otherwise :o)

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Well done you! I am very impressed. I'd love to join you but unfortunately since I broke my leg running is out of the question. I would otherwise though.


I've been wanting to do the couch to 5k thing for ages. If you can,I can.


I know I'm late to join in with this but I started running on 31st December on a similar plan and did a stop-start run/walk of 4 miles the weekend before last. I have always loathed running, runners, running gear, running shoes but it's the best thing I've ever done. I'm a complete convert and total evangelist. The best thing about it is how good it makes me feel. I couldn't care less about losing weight or going faster - it's the endorphins that keep me going back. Would love to hear how you're getting on! I can't stop blogging about it either...


Hi there,

I have only just come across your blog (I've enjoyed browsing through it - lost an hour of my day :-0) and I too have downloaded the couch to 5K podcast, but have yet to actually do it. I will make an effort tonight to get out.

Just wondering how you're getting along with it and have you kept it up?

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