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13 January 2012


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Thrifty Household

Nice feathers...a hat, a fan?

I'm now having imagined visions of your stately home garden!


Wow, having a peacock foraging in your garden is pretty exotic and I bet their super huge poos are good for the garden! Beautiful skies and isn't it lovely to notice that the days are getting longer again. Enjoy your weekend - looks like a frosty one!


Oh wow, I'd most definitely be a fan --gorgeous birds.

Katherine of Kitten's Lost Her Mittens

Oh, I would definitely be in agreement with the peacock lovers! What fun to see one wild in your garden!

rachel | buttons magee

we used to live in a neighborhood with feral peacocks too and it would make my entire day if I spotted one. :)


That's absolutely amazing.


I am poking my eyes out because I have seen everything now. Well, except for the peacock poop.

You have a good weekend, too.

French Knots

Far more exciting to spot in the garden than a pigeon!


Peacocks in the garden! The most exotic we get is squirrels. Although they do do some pretty impressive gymnastics along the washing line...

Loving the blue skies :)

Lynne Kovan

Goodness, I didn't think it was real when I first looked! I've never heard of wild peacocks. Having said that, we, in the south east of England have many wild flocks of bright green parakeets. Not quite what you'd expect in Surrey!


Wow, I'd like to live in the kind of place that has peacocks roaming into gardens. I took a picture of the sky a couple of days ago and it was a pure, clear, cloudless blue - gorgeous!


Crikey, you don't see many of those about do you? We see them sometimes when we pass through a village about 10 miles away. Noisy things.


Well, I am impressed you've cleared the leaves. We haven't. And the clear skies have made for stunning star displays but it's REALLY cold!


Feral peacocks - I have never heard of such a thing before - they can make quite a racket

Magic Bean

We have feral children here who scare away everything that might be more interesting to look at. At least they don't poo all over the garden... Hope you are having a good weekend, Ax


It is definitely a good way of getting some Winter colour into your garden! And cheaper than buying pots of bulb and primulas too!


I think they're a tad scary. And mean looking.

I wouldn't trust them. Watch out.


I'd love to have peacocks wandering around my garden! Instead I have an escapee rabbit. Lucy xx

Nina - Tabiboo

We have parrots - I kid you not. And greedy little wotsits they are too!

Not too sure I'm keen on peacocks though and poo - eeewwwwww........disgusting.

On that note I best go and get some lunch!

Have a lovely day,

Nina xxx


Lovely! I think I'd definitely be a peacock fan :) x


Oh my goodness! I didn't realize that there was a place that had feral peacocks. I guess I've never thought about where they live.

Are you planning your cutting garden yet?


I saw the peacock pic in your Flickr photostream and wasn't sure if I could believe my eyes! How lovely to have a peacock in the garden, I think ... are they typically noisy?

Loving the sky pics, Ali, thank you so much for joining in with Project :: Sky 365


Feral peacocks? Do you live in Narnia ?


A feral peacock! What joy! I think that certainly does count as colour in the garden. We only have foxes - and not even in the garden. Though back in Peckham we sometimes had parakeets in the trees.


How lovely! Can you send me one please? (Just one. I don't want a flock.)

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