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02 January 2012


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mrs button

u made me laugh (outloud!)


Wow, even more of an addict than I am! Envious now, especially of the cloche! Do you like brown paper too? And, and in the background of your first shot, the box, did you cover it with newspaper? It looks fab.


quite brilliant! stringtastic even!

suzie sews at Dotty Red

funny... its addictive that stringy stuff... happy new year


Clearly I need more string in my life.


Ali You are a woman after my own heart! My grandmother Eva used to save every last scrap of string, she had a deep drawer in her kitchen dresser stuffed with it, salvaged and new. I blame her for my need to always be well supplied with the stuff.


I spy galvanised wire and driftwood. With string on. I'm very happy indeed.

A vintage twine cloche? Really? I need one.


Well done hubs. I spied that twine cloche during my Christmas gift surfing. For me, it's ribbon - too pretty to use, or share.


I just realized all my string is hidden away...I wonder what that says about me? I might have to get it out of the string drawer and into the light.


My goodness.
I didn't think you could outdo that last post and now I read this?!
That cloche! My heart!

The Coffee Lady

I never use string. Do I need to use string?


Having read the post and the comments I've discovered that it's not only a useful thing, it's a good word too. String!


I can do anything, anything at all, with a big ball of string.


Its scissors with me. Happy New Year. May all your string be knotless.


I was going to say you're quite bonkers... BUT... I can actually understand.... string is wonderful, you're right.

By fuelling your obsession I remained convinced I'm quite sane whilst enjoying it by proxi.

YOu string away my friend!


Um. So I have a secret strong obsession and a secret problem to go along with it. What the heck do you do with it?

French Knots

You stringaholic! But I can see why, it's very covetable.


Well... have never eaten bacon and am left cold by string (though your stripy stuff is pretty). Bits of coloured glass, now...


So its not just me that loves string. My family have been ridiculing me for soooo long. There used to be the most wonderful string shop in Edinburgh just off the Grass Market. I loved to just go in and the smell of all that jute string. Amazing. Sadly, I don't think its there any more.


Ah, string. I too adore it & am very jealous of your cloche. What a well trained husband you have!


I love baker's twine particularly and can totally understand your need to stockpile string! One of my favourite presents I bought for others this year was a little wooden string spool, complete with ball of string and a tiny pair of scissors stowed in the top. The cloche is gorgeous.

Hope you had a lovely Christmas, and wishing you a very happy new year!

Lynne Kovan

Oh my goodness, I've found someone else who loves string! I use it to tie up gifts, and I have given it as gifts. I particularly like your blue and white decorative string, very classy!


I once bought my husband a beautiful ball of string from a specialist hardware shop. I don't think he ever appreciated it but I used it as an ornament for many years.

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