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19 January 2012


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What a great idea - digital - now there's a thought.

I always feel such a cloud of guilt with the hoarding (of magazines) and even more so when I decide to have a throw out. But like you - they are my weak spot.

Nina x


I get Country Living and Waitrose Kitchen. I have a subscription to CL and the Waitrose one is free as I have one of their cards. They are both passed on to my cleaner who passes them on to someone else who does that same thing, so they are read several times and I don't have the clutter any more. I don't feel the need for as many magazines as I used to.


I am Annie and I have a collection of Country Living magazines going back to the 1990s ... there I've aired my dirty secret!

Actually I rarely buy any other magazine, and I keep them because I do go back to them for craft ideas and recipes, and they live tidily in boxes in the study ... so I suppose it's not all bad!

My recent less was to accept that my poor health really isn't going to improve enough to let me go back to working in academe and so cancel a number of academic subscriptions. And my more, that I shall use the money I've saved to buy yarn to knit things which I will give as gifts next Christmas, well that's the plan anyway. And the treat part ... the yarn is really special stuff that it will be a joy to knit with.

Thrifty Household

Many of the supermarket loyalty card points can be put towards magazine subscriptions...

Lots of the supermarkets produce freebie magazines or free to loyalty card holders,eg- Boots Magazine

You can read magazines for free at your local library!


I too have a magazine problem. it used to be very bad - 5 or 6 magazines a month. Now I think about it I feel nothing but shame about the money but also the hours I spent dreaming and wishing my life was different in whatever way the magazine suggested it might be. Now I am much better - I get CL (free because my lovely mother got a subscription for me for Christmas), Waitrose magazine - free to all good cardholders and Mollie Makes, the only one I actually pay for. I feel almost pure...


I either recycle the magazines almost immediately ( and my CL subscription is a recurring birthday present is no guilt, yippee) or give them to the school for the staff room or for chopping up.

My weakness is scented candles - all the Christmas ones are half price in our waitrose and still yummy. Oh, and according to ocado I've saved over £300 in delivery fees over the last year. I'm not entirely sure how they worked that one out, but delivered groceries are my sanity saving treat to myself.

French Knots

I too have a CL hoard dating back over 20 years! I'm not sure why I feel the need to hold on to them, perhaps just habit. Digital sounds a great way to stop the clutter build up, but perhaps Issu and Pinterest & co are just another (less messy) form of hoarding.


ah magazines. They're lovely they are.

(I did the same with Interwewave crochet. Straight to the ipad... , I felt very virtuous)


I need to take a page out of your, er, magazine and go back to having a digital subscription to the British version of Country Living. I did it once before but was too attached to the sensation of flipping paper pages back and forth. But with each copy costing me seven dollars and taking FOREVER to arrive at the bookstore, I think I can get over that. Thanks for the nudge.

Emma (silverpebble)

Sometimes I half inch eldest's Cella sticker/magnet maker then take the scissors to Country Living. Tastefully styled fridge magnets anyone?

I'll be honest it's the paper versions of the magazines that I find so beguiling. I will have to try an e-subscription to see if it works for me.


I used to buy magazines but in the last year or so I've taken to reading blogs like this instead. The pictures are just as good, I'm inspired by bloggers' crafts and food, I can follow their instructions for recipes(and they work) and some of the lifestyles are just as unattainable as those in the magazines! Best of all, we all get the chance to comment and ask questions.


The loveliest thing about blogs is finding that I have kindred spirits! My magazine "problem" is greatly mitigated by my new IPad! Piles are shrinking as I "reuse, reduce, recycle" and go digital!

Sew Create It - Jane

Great post. This year I sorted through my extensive quilting magazine collection and pulled anything that took my fancy and then recycled the rest. It was so hard to do, but the relief was immense to know it had all been reduced to a binder full.

Kate MacDonald

Magazines are my weakness too and I find it hard to part with them. I've 16 years of Country Living Mags That I refuse to throw out/pass on, they've moved house five times!
But a lovely thoughtful post and I sense your satisfaction too.
PS found your lovely blog via Silver pebble and your lovely day with other bloggers, I am SO envious!


Oh that gives me an idea. I could get my magazine via digital subscription and my husband would never know (insert evil laugh here) I am a magazine addict.

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