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24 January 2012


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The Coffee Lady

Oh, I know this feeling. The control via fabric. Good luck for him.


Good luck , Mark. I shall be picking your brains next week - it's a year away for us, but still.

I have been sewing like a fiend for similar out of control tendencies ... Might actually photograph them today!

Avril Horn

Yes, it is a stressful time. Hope you all emerge unscathed. Small projects, funny films and little treats got our sons ( and us!) through the experience. Good luck.


Oh Ali, I will keep everything crossed, parenting just seems to get more stressful as they get older!


All best wishes for Mark. We've been there and done it all - right through to waiting anxiously for finals results, but I still remember the stress!


cake helps too xoxoxo


Good luck Mark and Mum! If it's any consolation I'm exactly the same...


All behind me now, the educational anxiety, thank goodness. Good luck to Mark, but try not to worry too much Ali, maybe I'm overly laid back but raising my four has taught me that they all find their way to wherever they need to be.

Love the rings, can I ask how you felted them ... I'd like to have a go and I'm thinking inside a tights leg along with a load of washing? Hope the cat didn't eat the missing one ... that could be an interesting fur ball!


Good Luck to Mark. Those little rings are adorable - the perfect thing to keep your mind off the pressure. The sad news is ... it doesn't seem to get better. They move from entrance exams to job interviews ... Etc. I guess Mother's were just meant to worry...;-(. Happy Ring Knitting!


Good luck to Mark. I think you're right about presure, it is easier to fend off the stress when you have an element of control. Hope the ring making keeps your mind occupied and I also think Driftwood is right about cake helping! xxx

Helen in Switzerland

I swear it's more stressful for a mother when her children are doing exams than it would be if she was doing them herself - and I'm sure she wouldn't make so many completely ridiculous mistakes!


Good luck Mark and hugs to you.


Good luck to you both! I hope that the felting is helping to alleviate the stress. I've made bracelets but never rings, but yours are lovely so I think I should have a go! Cathy XX


Oh, thinking of you!


Hope all goes as smoothly as possible for all concerned.
Lisa x

Alice C

I remember that feeling! I am sure he will do well - he has always struck me as a very determined young man.

French Knots

It's such a stressful time, they seem to talk about it at school amongst themselves in quite a metter of fact way so I think the children handle it better then us.
Keep felting the stress into submission x


Those are very good rings. I'd love to know how to make them.

I hope the exams are mostly over now or if not, then the anxiety has lifed a little.


Fingers all crossed for you. At least your fingers will be warm as toast!

If you need wool scraps let me know. I seem to be breeding them...


oh I love them! must tell us how!!

hang in there... it'll soon be over!

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