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04 December 2011


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My family never buy me cookbooks because if there's a cookbook I want then I've already bought it. I have all the River Cottage books, all of Nigel's and most of Nigella's and loads more on my dedicated cookbook shelf but my absolute favourite cookbook writer is the under-appreciated Diana Henry. Her latest book Food From Plenty is my favourite and most useful book ever.


That's the cake we had at G&G! My version was a disaster!
And I'm totally with you on the never have too many cookery books mindset.


oh that looks like a good book... I'm slightly in love with the aussie guy... what's his name... ehm... Bill something... Granger, Bill Granger. None of his recipes ever failed me.

(love your colour coordination!)

Helen in Switzerland

Oh I'm right with you there - the cookbook collection is right up there with the yarn and fabric stashes. Unfortunately my husband doesn't really get it and has imposed a cookbook ban - which I've kind of ignored on the sly - so I tell everybody who might conceivably buy me a present that cookbooks are the thing! It's hard to chose a favourite - I love them all - but I guess I always come back to Delia's Cookery Course which I was given for my 18th birthday almost 30 years ago.


I'm glad I'm not the only person who writes the dates that she first tries the recipes out in each book! I know a few people who think I'm a bit insane for doing it!

I love receiving cookery books as presents. I've got Simon Hopkinson's recent book on my Amazon wishlist and am hoping that someone will spot it. I also fancy Constance Spry's book. It looks very pretty! x


Hugh's Tupperware chorizo meatballs are truly fantastic. So simple, so delicious, they really never fail.
I'm with you re the three vol Delia, Nigel and Nigella and would like to add Simon to the list. Hopkinson, that is. I'll bet he features on your shelf, too?

The Coffee Lady

I do fancy the River Cottage veg book. But I've made no secret in the past of my loyalty to Bill Granger.

Even though I am shocking for only using several recipes, over and over again, from huge fat books.


The doodles are my favourite bit of River Cottage Everyday too! My most-used cookbook at the moment seems to be The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook, not sure that's healthy really! Seem to be foolproof cake recipes though. They have a newer book out too but I haven't looked at it yet.
Your colour coded bookshelf is lovely by the way.

Alice C

I am so mesmerised by the statement "Hugh's Tupperware chorizo meatballs are truly fantastic" that I am unable to remember if I have ANY recipe books.


I bought River Cottage Veg on a whim, and it is FAB.

There are literally not enough meals available for me to cook from my recipe books, I rather hope the big Red Guy doesn't bring me any more!


My shelves are groaning with cookbooks, but as they're all vegetarian and most are from these shores, I don't know how useful a recommendation would be. I'm curious about that River Cottage veg one, however...


I love the way you have colour coded your cookbooks. I too have lots of cookbooks but at the moment I am reading The Pudding that Took a thousand cooks. You will see a post about it on my blog. www.Suth2.wordpress.com I am really enjoying the historical look at cooks and cooking. In the second chapter entitled Distributing Goodness, the author talks about the books, Like Water for Hot Chocolate, Heartburn, Little House on the Prairie to name just a few and how they either talk about food or are inextricably linked to cooks and cooking. I am sure I am going to enjoy the whole book.


I have a whole bunch of cookbooks that I've picked up in second hand bookshops, many that are pre-war. Maybe I should update a bit!


River Cottage are my current go-to favourites, especially River Cottage Everyday and Veg Everyday. I'm not sure I've looked in another books for the last few months.


Free books, always a good thing. I'm not jealous, no. Not at all.

Emma (silverpebble)

We had River Cottage Everyday. We took it on holiday. We made good things from it. Then we left it there by mistake. Woolly heads.


My current favourite is the River Cottage Veg book... although also have virtually all of Nigella's and Nigels'


Sorry, I'm of no use to you. As much as I love a good cook book, I only ever get them from the library or google recipes online. Although if I were in the UK I might be tempted by Lorraine Pascal....


What lovely colours... maybe I need to reorganise my cookery bookshelf? (currently dominated by Jamie & Nigella, and alphabetised - oh dear.) I adore reading cookbooks. I've read Nigella's How to Eat cover-to-cover twice, which might be a little obsessive! A beautiful book to recommend - which is lovely to read for the writing, pictures and personal history, even if you never cook from it - is 'Falling Cloudberries' by Tessa Kiros. Even the title is mouthwatering!

Terri Chant

Aahhh ... 'Apples for Jam' by Tessa Kiros - heavenly ..... The Leon cookbooks (make you think you are being virtuous!), most of Nigella and Nigel,.... Sarah Raven (if only for the gorgeous covers ... and the Christmas book is TRULY inspirational (even if I still havn't made my Christmas cake ......). I could go on, and on, and on, and on ........

Katherine of Kitten's Lost Her Mittens

I feel the same way about cookbooks! I have a whole bookshelf devoted to them as well, and after having just celebrated Christmas and my birthday, I am now officially out of room.
Nigella Express is my constant go-to, because it is so good, so easy, so fast, and it always turns out. In fact, I've got something from that book on the menu for tonight. I love pretty much any cookbook, but it needs to have pictures. I have a few without, but in general I enjoy a cookbook more if it has a photo for every recipe. :)

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