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19 December 2011


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Thrifty Household

Maybe you should delegate the task next year...(then you can stand back & point out the wonky baubles instead!)


Your Johnny and Jane Brocket's son. Both indispensable to their mother's artistic success.

Kashi Griffith

I love it!


Well done. And you have produced offspring who tolerate tasteful white-only fairy lights. I will not be permitted to forgo the multicolored ones until 2023 (if lucky).


Well done. I made my children take everything off half way through decorating because the lights weren't right. Yes, I know I'd already said they were fine....


You have done well. Mine usually refuse to help because they know I'm likely to rearrange it all... but this year they did well. (I only moved a couple of things)


I bow to you. Ax


'atta boy!

I'm impressed that I remembered not to bother putting glass baubles on the lower branches where they inevitably get broken by waggy doggy tails...


I am speechless.

(Hope you're feeling better now)


Oooh I'd obviously fit right in! Hope you're feeling better very soon.

K x


LOL well done :) Hope you feel better soon x

French Knots

I controlled my control freakiness and let the children decorate the tree..........but then had to move a few baubles when they had gone to bed as they were in line!
Rest up and get better xx


I just let me kids get on with it... the thing is everytime the pass by things gets moved so you just have to go with the flow... it's not worth the stres.

(and actually... they're pretty good!)


Good lad! Every mother needs at least one child who shares their hang ups, if you'll pardon the almost pun ;D


What a hoot! You have taught him well.

Alice C

Get better quickly Ali - it is all very well getting Johnny to do your Christmas decorating but you don't want him eating your Christmas chocolates and drinking your Christmas champagne.


Hee hee, this made me chuckle! Hope you are feeling better. Lovely bokeh too!



Nina - Tabiboo

It's normally me that is a bit particular about these things, but this year I just left the kids to it, had a bit of a rejig on the decs that sat four a branch so the tree didn't completely topple over, but apart from that it was all them this year.

Through squinty eyes and low lights it looks positively lovely.

Hope your'e on the mend too?

Nina xxxx


hope you are feeling better xxx


oh...the beautiful wobbly jelly hasn't worked its magic...yet?

suzie sews at Dotty Red

a women after my own heart...


You've trained him well - now, what else can he get busy with around the house?!

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