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28 December 2011


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I thought I ewas doing well with mine - 25 books last year - but some were rereads and quite a few were books I read with the girls. Maybe this year I should aim for 25 books that I am reading for myself ... though I did end up with some terrible end of year chick lit ;-)


What an excellent resolution! I especially like the concept of "daytime" reading because I hadn't realised before now that I too feel rather bad about sitting down with a book during the day.

My "problem" is that since I started to need reading glasses, I can no longer simply pick up a book and read but have to search around for the pesky specs (because I'm far too vain to wear them on a string around my neck ;-)

I guess that's even more of a good reason to restrict myself to reading just what I want, too!


Even I feel guilty when I read in the day time and I'm someone who lives a life of bountiful leisure. I've just embarked on some Dickens. I had Great Expectations as a Christmas present and am finding it immensely readable.


I'm going through a reading slump at the moment. I have Middlemarch on the Kindle and have come to a complete halt with it. Bess of Hardwick in paperback, made a good start but left it for a day and forgot who was married to whom. Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (free copy) arrived this afternoon and it doesn't look very promising. Perhaps I'll start a list on 1st January and see how I go...


funny, i just posted about a stack of books - how did you make your mosaic picture of book covers? That would be fun, to make one every year. I read about the same number as you it looks like. Here's to a book-ier 2012!


goodreads looks interesting... I used to keep a notebook with all the books I'd read but have slipped out of doing it, but it's good to look back on isn't it, especially now that most of the books I read now come from the library so don't sit on my shelves to remind me they exist!

We have quite a few 2011 books in common, maybe I have the same people suggesting them to me as you ;)


I know just what you mean about reading during daylight hours. I tend to save my reading for the evening too. Though I did have a sneaky half hour during the day today :) K x


Like many things I'm a little all or nothing about reading. I'll barely pick up a book for 3 months and then I'll read 10 back to back. I tend to read at bed time which will explain my poor run rate of a book a month!


I always put 'reading' on my to do list (I live by lists!) to try and make sure I find time and always aim to read during daylight too. I'm not happy if I can't fit in a good read!

I am planning a similar post about my read this year. I do count re-reads and non-fiction and at the beginning of the year I set a challenge to myself to read 12 books off my shelf as I've not had time or not made time to read in the previous few years - so far this year I have read around 70 books so I'm feeling very pleased with myself and after a year, finding time to read has become part of my daily routine so hopefully I won't fall behind again!


I'm like Mark, fiction, with the exception of the classics and Terry Pratchett, has lost its allure. Nice to have some recommendations :D


Do it, Ali. Read in the daytime!


I haven't seen Goodreads before but it looks interesting: I do try to keep track of my reading and trying to use the library a bit more! And, yes, reading in the daytime is very luxurious but good for the soul!


Definitely, read what you want! This has been my worst year ever for the number of books read. I must make sure to fix that next year!

Anita at Bishty

You're right about daytime reading although I don't seem to have the same guilt about reading a pc screen (blogs!) or the newspaper. Perhaps a pc looks like it might be work and a book of fiction just looks frivolous?! Thanks for the Good Reads info - I'll be signing up!

French Knots

I read in bed every night and usually drop the book on my face when I nod off. I like 'interesting but not exciting' so I don't stay up till the early hours reading a gripping novel but roll on the day when youngest is at school and I can fit in some daytime reading!


I seem to read less and less as the years go by! Something I need to change.
39 books - wow!


I'm on 45 this year. Down two from last year. And I've included re-reading of the Twilight series. (I should probably be embarassed about that!) Looking back I think it's been a good year... not vintage and certainly there have been some duds... but hey... onward and upward.

(what's on you bedside table now?)


This is the only time of year I allow myself to read during the day too. For exactly the same reason! Are there any in your list that come with a strong recommendation?


Snow Falling on Cedars, I think. It's so hard to make recommendations though - read what calls to you.

Ali x

> To: alisonhudson03@hotmail.com

The Coffee Lady

I gave up on Goodreads - too many websites open at once! Though I love the idea of recording; I kept meaning to start a Pinterest board of my reads. And then I think - remember when I used to just READ?


I'm with you on just reading what you want to, this year I unashamedly didnt finish several bookclub books that I was "supposed" to read just because I wasnt enjoying them, and there's little enough time without finishing a book because you should.....


I was in a bookclub for years & then is came to a halt. Guess what? I have read more since it stopped. The secret is that you read more when you choose. I am nearly 50, an English graduate & an English teacher - I am a slow learner aren't I?

Petit Filoux

Ooh I have enjoyed reading during the Christmas holiday! Coming up to Christmas, I was so busy with crafting and cooking, reading became a complete luxury - in which I completely indulged the last couple of days - 150 pages in 2 days, I'm on a roll!


I have kept a list of books read since college days but also keep list in Goodreads and LibraryThing. Love your mosaic. What program did you use?


That's an impressive collection of books Ali - and I like the idea of Goodreads to keep a record. I might try that for this year as I have treated myself to a Kindle because I have discovered that with one I can knit and read at the same time - no having to hold a book open! Lucy xx

UK lass in US

My book choices depend mainly on what my mum brought over to read on her visits, what my father-in-law has passed my way and what the secondhand bookstore has in stock. Maybe it is time that I was more proactive in my book choices.

The pile next to my bed is getting dangerously low right now.

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