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12 November 2011


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Brilliant video, and I love the song!

I know what you mean about the 'where you're from' question. Do folk want to know where I was born, or where I grew up, or where I've felt most at home (all different). And I'm married to a chap whose family came here from Poland in the 1940s, so though he is English he has a totally different ancestry and finds the question doubly difficult. I just think where you are and where you're going is way more important than where you've been.


I usually answer that question with, 'Er, mostly England. Sort of.' I'd love to live somewhere that really ended up feeling like home, but since I moved back to the UK I've never lived anywhere for more than 5 years. I'm still looking forward to it!


Oh tricky isn't it? I was born and grew up in the North East of England until I went away to study at 18. I don't sound northern (except when I say grass or bath!) and I've lived nearly half my life in the South but I still feel passionately Northern so I never quite know how to answer it either.


Here in the States we stumble with polite conversation, too. I had the benefit of living many places as a child, but more importantly I've set roots in one place as an adult.

Sadly, with the economy in a sorry state, staying in one place is both a luxury -- and dated. Oh how things have changed.

Katherine of Kitten's Lost Her Mittens

Oh, I love that song, too! Thanks for sharing it. Where you are now certainly looks like a beautiful place.


Sweet song and video. I've not heard it before but will listen to it again!

I'm the sixth generation to come out of Shepherds Bush in West London. It's not a particularly nice place, it's not Notting Hill and it's not Chiswick which means it's perpetually trying to be on the up without actually getting anywhere. It doesn't have much of a community and unlike Fulham where all the house exteriors look neat and tidy, here one smart house is followed by at least two or three shabbier properties.

I hate it when I'm here, and miss it when I'm away. Grass is always greener scenario, me thinks! x


Oh, that seemingly simple but oh-so-loaded question! I have never lived anywhere for even a full 4 years, though I have come close to that mark a couple of times. I find most people who ask are trying to find a box or at least a point of reference to put you in, so I usually tell people I'm from New Orleans. It was the first home my husband and I made together and I truly felt at home there by the time I left...but I did leave and haven't gone back. Six years later, that answer doesn't feel true anymore. Then people try to adapt the question to "where were you born?" But I was born on an air force base, and my family moved the day we got out of the hospital. Set the pace early! I'm still moving internationally and don't know where I'll land, but I'll get there someday (maybe). I hope at least to give my girls a place to call home, so they will know where they are "from" even if they were born on different continents and live on another continent still.


London and then Cambridge with a very brief spell in Brighton.
Not very well travelled am I?
I love all these places but Cambridge feels like home and I feel truly honoured to live in such a beautiful, historical and quirky place.
Thank you for introducing me to that song- it is gorgeous. Happy Sunday, ax


That brought back memories! I spent my teenage years in Abingdon but have moved several times since - it was nice to see some old haunts! Thank you xx


Oh :-( The link seems broken.


well... I could answer Italy... but is it still true given that now I've been living away from it for more years than I lived there?


I think all the places we've been makes us who we are. And that's more important a question.

Sweet song.

Sew Create It - Jane

Oh I hear ya! Being Canadian my accent is far from British so I get the question, Where are you from" A LOT and one day I swear I'm going to answer..."MY MOTHER" LOL

Petit Filoux

I didn't move as many times as you, but I do sometimes struggle to define where I belong to. But I must say, having to go through my whole life story to explain my surname/ accent etc is incredibly boring!!!


For me it's the opposite. I was born and raised and I live (and will certainly die) here.


snap ;)

Well, I've been in Oxfordshire since 1995 but I haven't got to the belonging stage yet.

It was different when we lived in Oxford because hardly anyone in Oxford is *from* Oxford. Living in a place where people are *from* you feel like more of an in-comer.

David Craven

I was once asked if I was 'Old Towner' or 'New Towner'. I replied "Well, I've had a home here for 40 years." "So your 'New Towner', just wanted to check as all the 'Old Towners' are inbred idiots" !!!

suzie sews at Dotty Red

I have like you lived in many places, Abingdon was one too. Its funny how some people stay in one place and others move, I have been here now for ten years but oh how the feet itch... I am adopted and I always thought it was because I had no roots....


I have the same dilemma! Growing up my Dad was in the Air Force and we moved every two or three years. After leaving home I kept on moving around at a similar pace. We have lived in our current home for just over 4 years. The longest I've lived anywhere in my whole life....and I still have itchy feet!


I'm a Croydon girl - and I'm always bumping into other Croydon escapees! Settled in Abingdon for over ten years now, I saw that video too - very sweet.


Its funny how some people stay in one place and others move where you're from' question. Do folk want to know where I was born, or where I grew up, or where I've felt most at home (all different).


I can't answer that question either. I'm definitely southern that's all I know. But tomorrow I break my record - I'll have been in Oxfordshire (Witney) for 6 years (previous record 5 years in Ruislip)!


Yip, I hate that question too. I've lived pretty much all over Scotland and get sick of the fairly widespread reaction to this in which folk imagine me to be some kind of aloof, rootless, rolling stone who doesn't know what it feels like to truly belong anywhere! Sod that... I just go ahead and blend myself in wherever I end up...! And... it's lovely to have adventured and tasted freedom and contrast. Staying put and roaming both have their ups and downs I think.

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