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21 November 2011


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just brilliant. ! if you need more pompom fun we've been making sheep pompoms for jointheflock, and I've just seen a popmpom Christmas tree over at rachelrabbit.


Brilliant! Will be making some of these with my small people too. 10th???? I thought we were early breaking up on the 16th! Hey ho, happy holidays x


Fab. Now they can branch out into yoyos. Oh, and do they finger knit/crochet??

You can ship the boys over here on the 11th. We'll keep 'em busy...


Thanks for the little tutorial! What a cute idea!

I hear ya about needing to feel ready yet feeling like it's already coming too fast. I still haven't adjusted to Aussie summer break from school combined with Christmas. Mine break up on Dec 8th and don't go back until February! Aaaaah...! (sounds of this mother screaming and then fading away as she hides under the bed)


Cuteness, my children would love to make these! I'm totally into Christmas already this year but my children are at school until Dec 23rd!!! But they don't go back until the 9th.


Adorable! Plum pudding is not a thing we embrace here in the States (at least as far as I am aware), but I want to make these anyway they're so dang cute!

Sew Create It - Jane

That is so cute! Thanks for the tutorial. I could see a few of these being added to the tree this year.


What a fab tutorial Ali. I can see Fred happily turning out pompoms - I just need to set him going. Lucy xx


I always knew you were a genius.

So cute.

(and I hate Christmas pudding! nothing edible in it)


Love them and will now have to check stash for brown wool!


Great idea for keeping Littles busy over the holidays while moms and grannies cook!


Brilliant - and I have a ball of brown and some red buttons too! Guess what we'll be making this weekend.


I remember finding the wrapped-round-fingers method and it was like magic!
I'm feeling all back-in-love with yarn since last week too!


I love it - going to have to make some with the kids :-)


these are so sweet - what a great idea! I can understand why you're aaarghing, December 10th is horribly early to be breaking up for christmas!


great pompom xmas pud. we made pompom spiders at halloween with our sewing group... so many uses for pompoms. love them!x

Two Owls

Brilliant! I'm going to have a go at this with my son, even though I know he'll get bored long before enough wool is wrapped around the doughnut to make a decent sized pom-pom and I'll end up finishing it (which is no hardship)!

Helen King

Love this idea - I am getting some wool and cardboard circles ready for wednesday when my girl is of school because of the strike! Should keep her quiet for a while and I can get on with some sewing!!


Fab idea - I might borrow it. We don't break up until the 20th! I'm not sure I'd like the 10th, but the 15th or 16th might be nice...

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