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22 November 2011


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Ooooh they're lovely. I think this mild autumn has fooled all the plants - my strawberries are still in flower (the second time they've done it this year) so it's not surprising that your pretty little paperwhites have popped up a little early.

Thrifty Household

& the smell of all those paperwhites will be amazing- I think you're in for a treat!

UK lass in US

I've got some small white daffodil looking plants that have suddenly appeared from nowhere - I hadn't planted any new bulbs. I am used to flowers showing up at all sorts of weird times, though: I can imagine that California weather can mess up a plant's internal clock, mind.


I still haven't planted my paperwhites. Perhaps it's juast as well?


I haven't even bought mine yet... am I too late?


Pretty :D I have been trying to find time to plant mine for the last few weeks, looks like I'd better get on with the job!


how clever, they should smell lovely too. (The bulbs I have bought are still in their packets!)

Kashi Griffith

Beautiful Paperwhites. I forced some once and they came up very early too.


Ours are growing pretty quick...I've read somewhere that putting them in a dark place can slow them down.


Mine are just about to bloom too. It is frustrating and I may have to put another order in as I was so looking forward to them in the New Year. They've only taken a couple of weeks!

French Knots

I meant to buy some but never got round to it, perhaps it's not too late after all. They look so beautiful.


Is it the crazy mild autumn we had?

I have a cutting garden, and sell bouquets I make from the flowers in the summer. I have done a series on making a productive cutting garden on my blog, if that is of interest? It is so rewarding!

Delighted to have discovered your lovely blog.


Duh, of course you know that, I now remember the kind comment you left on a previous post, sorry!Caffeine from my first cup of coffee obviously not reached the brain yet! Anyway, adding your blog to my list of faves today. B

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