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04 November 2011


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Oh dear - nothing like the snubbing a cat can muster. Sure salmon will bring them round. C.x


Oh, the narrowed eyes! I'm having salmon tonight too. Not been to the vet though :o)

The Coffee Lady

I went out with a vet once.

I'm sorry. I just don't have a lot to say about cats.


Aww :-). Our cats get tuna after Car Torment (visits to the vee ee tee and the cattery). Oh the guilt they can induce in us!


We're off to the dreaded V. E. T. on Wednesday, so I too will be hearing yowling. We don't have a car, so it involves taxis - I'm sure the local taxi company has me down as a crazy cat lady.


Loving that image of cats in wheelbarrows! Please please do that next time if only for the photo of their little whiskers poking over the top of the wheelbarrow...


I've just come back from the v e t. I don't have any worries about going though. A certain someone thinks it's the most marvellous fun -- all those other dogs and those strange creatures cowering in carriers ; )


you know the wheelbarrow plan sounds good to me, and then when the cat escapes from prison it won't get on the dashboard and then claw you to peices whilst you try to drive car/get off the road and park whilst you recapture cat. you see we go to the vee ee tee too.......


What a very lovely looking cat.

Otto - our ancient tabby who died last week - used to scoot out of the cat flap at high speed if he so much as spied the cat basket. I used to lock him in the spare room (only door that closed properly) and then wrap him in a towel and 'feed' him into the basket. It was torture for both of us. Spooky is too dim to remember the destination or basket from one visit to the next!


I love the idea of you as that crazy wheelbarrow cat woman! It's something to aspire to I reckon. :o)


Ha, I think you should totally embrace the crazy cat wheelbarrow look.

Whilst wearing ringlets and ribbons of course!

Lisa Coates

Oh dear, we had an emergency trip there on Tuesday but thankfully all is okay .


I'm a little worried that the idea of being a crazy wheelbarrow cat woman actually appeals to me. Lucky I don't have cats really.


Cats will blame their owners for everything! But Toast cannot complain about his fabulous portrait


Personally I think you would rock the cat carrier wheelbarrow look.


As the owner of five whippets, hunting dogs all, given half a chance, I feel obliged to point out that a cat in a wheel barrow would be both embarrassed and fair game!


Hmmm, "that crazy wheelbarrow cat woman" has a nice ring to it. Maybe it would make a nice t-shirt!

Maybe go for "that crazy wagon cat woman". Well, both sound good.


Oh dear, that look says it all.


OMG Toast could very much be Gin's (we used to have Gin & Tonic until Gin kicked his own brother out of the house!) twin brother, the resemblance is scary.
I heart cats.

Nina - Tabiboo

Poor moggies. Our cat absolutely hates the 'pet prison' and the last time we took him to the v-e-t-s he excaped out of the box - in the car - and had to pull over quick fast as all I could see in the wing mirror was this black cat spread out like a star shape and pressed against the back window screen yowling.

Fortunately I had hubby with me, but even then he had to sit of the box all the way to the vets!

I hope you're forgiven.

Nina x


Won't you rethink the wheelbarrow thing? Such a simple way to spread so much joy throughout Blogland...

suzanne Kalkman

know the feeling! We have two Siamese cats and the older one hates, detests, abhors the V.E.T's and when the other one has been he always snarls and gets angry with her 'smelling' like the vets and they fight. Only time it happens, as they are the best of mates really. So, I decided to test my theory that if they BOTH squeeze into the cat carrier and he comes along just for the ride and a few Dreamies, all would be well. And it is!!!! No more problems, only happy cattypussys and mum!!! x


oh I feel your pain. Both of mine dislike this annual event too - we've recently had ours too. It's always a fight to get them in the 'prison' (when we get totally scratched up), they cry a heart breaking cry the whole way there (a 3 minute car journey) and when they get out at the vet they have sweaty paws on the vets table, and do a weird stressed type purring. They make us feel like bad parents.


i SO sympathize.


I think I may be a little in love with your beautiful cat.

Also, could you maybe cut out the wheelbarrow middle-man, and just fix wheels to the pet carrier? A quick piece of string or a dog's lead to pull it along and no-one would think you strange at all...

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