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29 November 2011


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Petit Filoux

How I wish you'd posted this earlier, this would have been a great treat for my mum!!! I'll just need to remember it for next year! Until then, I've got my own calendar to finish...


We are doing the lego star wars one, the quilt one my MIL made, and our trusty elf, Pip. I've always MEANT to do a handmade one, but Pip really fits the bill.


Could I make a wine calendar do you think? I'm sure it would do me no end of good.


A wine calendar sounds fab but what would we be like come the big day after a bottle a night??!! Brilliant ideas as always, thanks x


This is a fantastic idea!

I'm going to create a countdown-to-Xmas-at-home version for work!

Thank you :D


Oh Ali you are indeed a genius. Absolutely adore the tea calendar (though G would definitely go for the beer one!). K x


brilliant - who says the children should get all the fun! xxx


A really lovely idea. I'll have to remember the beer one for Mr P.

As I'm spending lots of time at my parents at the moment (while our home is being renovated), Mum and I have a townhouse advent calendar from Phoenix Trading to share. I can't wait to open the first door! x


The kids are going tohave one of those lovely activity calendars (it's traditional to make it on Nov 30th in this house), but my hub definitely deserves a beer calendar. Off to the supermarket I go ...


Think I could get away with a chocolate-bar-a-day one for myself?

(I said it at Alice's but I'll say it again here: you're a genius.)


I just made myself an Advent tea version, and I'm looking forward to enjoying it each night. Thank you for the really super idea!


Brilliant :D

With the last of the children no longer really a child I think we'll give advent calendars a miss this this year ... last year we kept forgetting to open the doors. But I'll bear this in mind for next year, it would work wonderfully with some individually wrapped wafer chocolates methinks.


What a super idea... and I know someone who could be in need of that beer calender. Might bump into Dotty Cookie at the supermarket!!!

Aussie Mum

Oh thank you so much for this post - I read it first thing this morning and just had to drag my three small boys to the shops so I could make the tea Advent Bunting for two of my favourite tea drinking friends. I then popped into the bottle shop (off-licence) and now Aussie Dad is very happy with his beer advent as well! Thanks for sharing


I've been inspired by you to make a beer calendar for Mr Locket - only it doesn't have pretty stamped numbers and proper opening doors like yours and is far more rough-and-ready! Thank you for reminding me - I recommended it to my boss and she has made one for her husband too (also my boss!) but has interspersed the beer with chocolate and dog biscuits so it's a joint-calendar for him and the dog!


I must keep a note of this for the next year.

I would have scored big style the husband...


My old and faithful one got pulled out just before midnight - at least I remembered! I think I might just try the beer thing too to impress my hubby.


Brilliant Ali. I love the teabag idea - a quiet interlude in the days before christmas is a real treasure and this is such a nice way of reminding yourself to take that little slice of peace and quiet while you can x


I love this idea, and your 'numbers in order' tip for the beer made me laugh. I think I've missed the boat this year but will definitely remember for next year!


Hi, Ali - I remembered this post of yours when I got an email from a friend about embarking on radiation treatments, so I've just made and mailed a 33-day herbal tea version for her. Thanks for the inspiration! Post will be Monday, 5/14/12, 6am (Central US time).

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