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01 November 2011


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cheeky monkey.

You should have told him 'yes, and I'll put them all back there later'. That'll teach him!



The acquisition of a small fluffy cat has greatly diminished the volume of dust and cobwebs in our house.

Well, it has relocated them...


A picture and 30 words sounds just right for a post a day!

The dew worked out well on those cobwebs, a perfect decoration!


Thanks for the tip-off! On a lark, I signed on for both. Let's see what happens!

Lucy @ Attic24

please do enlighten me, what on earth is NaBloPoMo??? Been sat here trying my damndest to work it our all-by-myself but cannot.
However, I get the impression it's something i would like to be involved in!!!!


Lucy @ Attic24

ahhhhh I get it. Good ol google.
National Blog Posting Month.
A post a day you say?
yeah, OKeedokeee, I'm in!!

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