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10 November 2011


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Thrifty Household

I'll drag the usual box of tricks down from the attic & wallow in all the memories(as usual). Mr TH will roll his eyes & get all bah-humbug (as usual)...We do have far too many decorations in the box though!

When I was a child, we weren't allowed to put up any decorations until Chrtistmas eve. As soon as I became an adult it was fair game from Dec 1st!


Mmm - I have started editing down our christmas decorations the last couple of years- I tend to stick to red and white with greenery (sadly mostly fake!) with natural wood ( I have some lovely decorations I brought back from the German Christmas Market we visited several years ago). I still don't feel it is safe to get out the glass baubles (the youngest nephew is not yet 2) but one day....
Decorations go up around mid december once the littest's birthday is well and truly over.

I love the wreath - if my pre christmas crafting list wasn't already as long as my arm I'd be knitting one (or two) - maybe next year...


Same every year here, and I am a control freak with the tree. That is all mine. Mineminemine. Love it when the Christmas mags com eout but I agree, this year there is not much inspiration out there. I am relying on bloggers to help me out...
Love the mini wreath, Ax


NO! Shhhhhh you crazy girl. It's bad enough that I had to do some bday shopping yesterday and every store was playing Christmas music. It's a month and a HALF away! Good thing my girl wasn't there, she would have FREAKED.

In other news, though, I'm contemplating a table tree this year. I wonder if my family would go for it...

Nina - Tabiboo

I decided last Sunday to finally sit down and flip through some of this years Christmas magazines for inspiration - I wish I hadn't - I literally flicked rather then lingered and wished.

Even my usual favourite had me yawning and thinking 'same old, same old' - I think I'll be sticking to our favourite old timers this year.

Nina x


Love it! I started writing an almost identical post yesterday (minus the fab wreath which I've pinned already). I can't get past my purist streak and its still red and white all the way for me, however, decoration wise I do look forward to a little something new every year.


I've already made one change in the usual Christmas stuff ... I'm going to put our tree in a different position! I feel like I've got a 10year itch or something, I have an urge to change things around. Things haven't moved around here in a l-o-n-g time!


They modeled The Grinch after me, if you ask my children. It's hard to give in to extravagence with a Hubby going through chemo, no job, and little to celebrate on the horizon. There are a few things we'll set about the house as the Season draws closer, but I've never fallen for the fake-as-a-Kardashian Christmas set ups. I'd rather have real warmth around me.


Yes, I feel like being reckless and Putting The Tree In A Different Position but no one else is keen... I agree with you on the Christmas magazines and have only bought one, which isn't like me. Like Dragonfly says, things need a-moving!


I'm still in Christmas denial... although I do like your little i-cord wreath.


Love the little wreath. We have a dilemma though; we've shifted the furniture around and I love the new arrangement but there is now literally nowhere to put a tree. Except smack in the middle of the living room. Hmmmm.


I had an epiphany the other morning, in a dream no less! Two Christmas trees and the one in the new kitchen will have teeny weeny decorations. Perhaps some i-cord mini wreaths might just be the thing.

The Coffee Lady

I usually buy a trinket in the January sales; I forget about it then till the next Christmas. I have no idea what I got last year.


I've always loved the coziness and beauty of a warmly decorated home at Christmastime, but at the moment, I'm a Northern Hemisphere woman in a Southern Hemisphere life. Long days and hot sun simply do not say Christmas to me, and after three years, I still struggle to get into the mood. We've been keeping it very basic: just our cheap plastic tree with lights and ornaments. Perhaps it's time I embrace the novel and go with a more Aussie or even beach-y theme. It is Christmas in the summertime. Traditional decorations don't seem to fit, so maybe I need to take matters into my own hands!

Petit Filoux

ooh I'd already seen that on your ravelry page and thought it looked ever so sweet! Mostly sticking to the familiar, but with a few new ornaments I reckon - a house has different needs to a flat!


It's very much traditional in this house (plus a decade of whatever the kids made). Those little wreaths will look great - I'll have to make a few!


Our main tree is always in white, silver and clear glass - I tried really hard last year to introduce colour with my collection of vintage glass baubles which was greeted with a big NO from the rest of the family. Ah ha - this meant I could bring in more trees so I had another two filled with my vintage beauties and I loved it. Getting a little excited now - but must stay CALM.


We have a slimline artificial tree, but it is over 15 year old and still in good nick, and it gets covered with decorations. I too used to be purist with red, gold and silver, but more colours are creeping in - and it's fine!

I love that little wreath, and can feel a French knitting adaptation coming on...


Oh, Christmas is so far away for me right now.
I add a little something to my box each year.


I'd been dragging the stuff from the basement for years and years when some tragedy struck our household four years ago. We did a tiny tree that year with ornaments from around the house. Minimal and simple and easy. Since then the boys have asked that we keep it that way and out went the traditions and the work.
Freeing somehow, with a tinge of sadness.


Adorable little wreath! Here I try to get through Thanksgiving (4th Thursday of November) before getting out the Christmas stuff. I put out less than I used to and still find it very satisfying, especially bringing home the tree and putting on lights and ornaments.

UK lass in US

After years of, um, encouraging my kids to make ornaments, we now have enough to cover the tree with just those.

My husband is still not letting me put up any decorations, but I've snuck a snow globe out and he has yet to notice. I'm thinking a couple of yarn covered cone trees might be next to sneak out...


We barely decorate...it's all about the tree for me; real, and it goes up December 1st. It is always so covered with all our ornaments that I love it so much. The Royal Copenhagen Christmas plates will make an appearance, and a few other things, but inside, it's only the living room that sees the spirit of Christmas. There will be two wreaths and greenery in a pot outside, plus Christmas lights on the front trees.


We have a box of decs that come out year upon year; and there is something lovely and nostalgic about them all too. Each year we will add to this collection, picking out a new bauble or two (yes, our tree is pretty heavily laden) and maybe something to hang on the door or the back of a chair. It's reassuring to see these familiar objects, to embed them into our surroundings each December. Im getting excited now....

Much love
Julia x x x


I'm a traditional girl and we always have a massive debate every year as to whether our main tree should have coloured lights or white ones. In the back room we have a black tree with copper baubles and white lights and in the kitchen is the tree the boys decorate so that could be whatever. As for this years magazines I think they are totally pants. I normally buy every Christmas one but this year have only bought 4 and one of those I really wished I hadn't .


Love this post! You and yours are after my own heart.
i keep some of the white fairy lights up all year. And i love the planning, which begins now...especially this year, with 2 new young cats. Will any ornaments go on the tree, or is it safer to hang the favorite ones from the chandelier?

i just learned last night that in London, the lights on Oxford street were turned on Nov 1!! How astonishing. And the City of lights parade is on the 16th, i think. i want to fly across the pond and witness those marvelous lanterns myself. At least once. Then train into London to see the lights.

Pretty soon, after i finish knitting the lacy scarf for my friend's BIG birthday on Dec 9, i will begin making more glass bead snowflakes to string all over the house, and give to nieces.

i have put all my favorite holiday music on the ipod...and will, very soon, plug it into the speakers in my work room and listen for most of the winter. Since i embrace a wide array of genres of Christmas music i can listen to those playlists for several days before hearing repeats.

Goodness, i got carried away, didn't i...
Thank you for that!


because we are in a new house, everything will be fresh for us. I'm planning more fairy lights. I have so much more space for new twinkly, decorations.


the boys have requested another 'tin' advent calendar... so that is in the making!


What a lovely little wreath, thank you so much for the link. I try hard not to get 'into' Christmas until December, but I certainly talk about it LONG before that. My sisters and I start the "what are you going to do?" conversation in around September - this feels ok as we all have our partners' families to take into consideration and as we all know the whole extended family thing is where it all starts to get complicated. Anyway, I was thinking of our rather tired decorations (which only made their way back to the attic a couple of months ago - there is always a three month period of sitting on the landing), and wondering what I might make. I have a few ideas, and this wreath will go very well with them. Thanks again.


I am so happy you enjoyed my wreath pattern, your wreath looks beautiful:) Oh, and thanks for linking to the pattern on my blog.

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