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22 October 2011


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Jodi Anderson

I found this crocheted version on Ravelry: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/crochet-braided-bangle

It's very similar and I might give it a try since I don't knit.

Your bracelet looks fab.

Thrifty Household

Woolly bracelet bliss indeed- it's really sweet!

Jodi Anderson

Update: I googled the url and the page popped right up -- http://www.flickr.com/photos/yesjessknits/5682076039/


Jodi - you are a star! Thank you so much. All I got was the photos, with no Flickr user info. So all credit to yesjessknits for the inspiration!


that looks SO good! i would want some in lots of colors!
I hate when pins aren't linked properly - but some aren't the users' fault. i noticed a bunch of mine (that i DID link properly, I know) changed to 'none' or 'uploaded by user' (?) recently instead of the link recently. Weird, because i've USED those links before - wuzzup, Pinterest?


Ooh, love this. Can we have the pattern, purdiest, purdiest please :D


truly truly wonderful. xxx


Oh your bracelet looks so fab! And very impressed you were able to figure it out. K x


That does look good! And I love little projects that I stand a chance of finishing quickly.


love your knotty cleverness...i have had forever on my etsy fave list the bits from Thewhatknotshop,this maybe the one you saw !!


norma again,actually it is just whatknotshop..enjoy looking

Emma (silverpebble)

Good grief. Would you consider a commission?



(I just found the photo on Flickr... )

I want one.

And you have such lovely hands.


Wow! I wish I could knit. I'd make one in every color. It is beautiful xoxo


Love it! So simple but effective!

The Coffee Lady

Gosh, you're committed. I wish I had that.


Looks fabulous! Turks Head Knot - always makes me think of Daniel Craig in swimming trunks emerging from the sea.......James Bond has a lot to answer for ;-)


It seems to me that you might find what you're looking for if you search "fisherman's knot". Just a possibility. I love this, too.


this would be great also as a necklace. well done for your persistence.


And I think this is what you were really looking for : http://naomichaney.wordpress.com/2009/08/30/new-pattern-keeland-bracelet/


I am in awe that you worked this out! It's fabulous.


Gosh, that's beautiful! And I'm really impressed that you were able to figure it out and make it yourself. I would have been stuck with trying to find one in John Lewis or something!
Jo x


very nice!

Katherine of Kitten's Lost Her Mittens

It's lovely! Nicely done.


Thanks for the very cool link to the knot page. Yes, I do knit, but I could become a huge fan of knots, too!


Very impressive! And of course, now I want one. Thanks for sharing how to get started. Would you mind sharing how to finish too?
How did you secure the ends?


Oh my. But can't help but think that on my wrist it would soon get rather, well, grubby... Ax


love it!

Anna C

This could be the answer to so many Christmas present questions! Please, please, write a tutorial!


Thank you so much for sharing, looks great!

A google image search sent me to you while trying to track town the original maker of this awesome bracelet.

And, how long was your knitted I-cord?


http://www.etsy.com/listing/79812359/senneh-knot-cuff surely this is it? YesJessKnits on etsy?


I want to learn how to make this too, but your link to the turk's knot didn't work so I tried to find another tutorial & found this page that shows how to make beaded turk's knot bracelets


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