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13 October 2011


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I can confess to cupboard fulls. Mainly glass, admittedly. And I don't seem to be able to throw away jars any more. Or bottles.


Those nasturtiums in that blue pot -fabulous! Complimentary colours of course.

I love that jam jar too, is is from Orkney?


I have way too many vases that don't get used often enough. I often just use an empty jam jar and If I'm feeling the need to spruce it up I'll use a nice piece of lace or some washi tape. I took some flowers around to my grandma the other day in a jam jar with a nice piece of ribbon on it, and she asked me to put the flowers into a vase for her. She didn't get it at all. bless her.

Anita at Bishty

You can never have too many! Look forward to seeing how you put the apple and bramble jam jar to use.

Thrifty Household

I like your vase collection- I agree with Anita- you can never have too many vases! Over the summer, I put some nasturtiums in a plain tin can (no label) & they looked great. I tend to use a range of things- china jugs, mugs, measuring cylinders, storage jars & tins too.


Oooh now you're giving me the wanties again! And must remind my mum to be on the lookout for my Kinfolk magazine soon...

K x


amazing how fresh flowers brighten a room - i don't do that nearly enough. and i have no good vessels...


ha, I wrote yesterday that I needed more flower vases, and now I have loads more inspiration. love love love that orange/blue combination xxx

Emma (silverpebble)

I always wondered what those long narrow vases were for.

That vintage jam jar has given me not just the wanties but the burning must-haves. Kirkwall though? That's in Orkney. It has come some way.


I don't think I actually own a vase at all these days - though I did customise a large old coffee jar with a knitted cuff to us as a flower receptacle a few months ago. Love, love, love that vintage Apple & Bramble Jam pot.


Lucky thrifting! I own lots of thrifted milk glass bud vases and just two regular vases. I find flowers ludicrously expensive here and rarely buy them. I'm also crap at arranging them into anything decent looking!


Ooooh lovely! I recently decluttered, and the very next bunch of flowers that came into the house didn't have a place to stay. Once we've moved, I'll have to start collecting again!

Katherine of Kitten's Lost Her Mittens

Gorgeous! That first photo has me all envious and drooling, too. I have an obsession with milk glass, so I probably have more milk glass vases than I need. Plus a few other types thrown in for good measure. :)


Oooo! I have the fan shaped glass one on the bottom shelf.


Oh, I love all of these intimate peeks at your life - your house entryway, your morning routine...keep 'em coming.

My vase collection is lopsided: I seem to be a magnet for vessels with tiny openings and for short, squat things (think old sugar bowls), but have a shortage of holders for tall, extravagant arrangements. Need to rectify.

Two Owls

Beautiful beginning to your collection, the old jam pot will look lovely full of berries. I'm too clumsy for lovely china and glassware unfortunately (the reason we didn't have a dinner service on our wedding list) but can admire other people's collections!


Wow, the combination of that blue pot and orangey red blooms is unbelievably gorgeous! I don't go crazy collecting vessels, not because I don't love them, but because I have not enough money, nor space to store them, nor access to many blooms to fill them. I've got a beautiful little amethyst and milk swirled venetian tumbler on display with a posy of dried hydrangea... A few years back I came across a sweet little sugar bowl at Anthropologie that was missing its lid and ever since it has been the perfect setting for my favorite ranunculi blooms when they're in season (you can see photos of it in use here: http://gemmifer-jennifer.blogspot.com/2009/05/lovely-blooms.html).


That is one gorgeous little bunch of nasturtiums! And yes, I share your passion for collecting anything that might hold water and therefore flowers, although my collection isn't huge and I come back to my favourite white china and clear glass time and time again, and probably like the humble jam jar best.



and you thought I was mad collecting little white jugs....

I thoroughly agreed with your latest passion! It's brilliant. Love it.
(next time you come I'll take you on a charity shops hunt, how about that?)


I love trawling through charity shops for vases and other containers. But we cut the top off a black Tresseme shampoo bottle recently and it's really rather chic. Unless we get a frost this week I'll copy you and pick the last of my allotment nasturtiums for it.


Heyyy, thanks so much for the link! I am loooving all your finds, can never have too many! I think mason jars, old lemonade powder bottles and the trusty enamel jugs have worked the hardest for me this year. and i agree, Vic is a genius!



I LOVE that book! I found it in one of those discount bookshops — can you believe that? I'd have totally paid full price for it. The pictures literally take my breath away.

I am SO envious of your junk shop finds!!


It's a beautiful book but I'm so irritated by all the spelling mistakes.

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