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31 October 2011


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Thrifty Household

Happy Halloween- have fun!

jen : painted fish studio

:) happy halloween!


Loving the ghosts! Happy Halloween!!


Oh yes - I'm good at the control bit during creative bursts, too! Your decorations look wonderful - hope you all had a great evening.


Oh those pumpkins are fab! Very impressed. Crafting obviously runs in the family. Happy Halloween! K x


hope you all had a spooking good time! it's funny here in Australia how Halloween is only just becoming popular. children of my generation did nothing for it, but now all the kids are starting to trick or treat. Our house was very low key with only a few ghoulish monsters and zombies at the door, but there are neighbours near us who really get into the spirit...pardon the pun.

Handmade in Israel

Lol! Kids crafting without the kids... I can relate! I have one who loves to join in and one who hates it!
Those pumpkins both look fab!

Emma (silverpebble)

Love the cannibalistic element to this year's pumpkins. Gruesome!


we did nothing. I'm anti-Halloween. I know, I know... Scrooge of sort...

AND we never get anybody trick or treating... not in five years of living here.

The Coffee Lady

There was a children's pumpkin carving competition at the community party we went to the other night. A perfect, complex, detailed, multi-layered effect Cheshire Cat was one of the entries. If that was done by a child, then I'M a pumpkin.


Brilliant. Love the book and the pumpkin designs. Your latest arrival from Mrs Silverpebble looks pretty special too!

UK lass in US

They sell pumpkin carving tools here that are nice and blunt to the touch, but cut through pumpkins ridiculously easily. After all those years of my almost losing a digit or two to the vegetable knife, I was able to let the kids loose on their own this year. They still made one hell of a mess, mind. Kid crafting is overrated.

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