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27 October 2011


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They're all fab! But I especially love the orange with fangs. He's terrifyingly adorable!


Oooh lots of Martha-y goodness! I'm very embarrassed to admit I have all the October and Halloween issues going back to 1996 and have yet to make any of the projects. Eeek!

K x


Fun! No matter how hard I try, I just can't get into Halloween. I'm a bit bah humbuggy about it much to my children's dismay....

Thrifty Household

Oooof, that orange was a shock, I turned away from the screen momentarily, & suddenly there it was fangs an' all!

I quite like him now though...

Kashi Griffith

How fun you are.


OOh the orange, love the orange. I fear I may have to totally copy your idea, I follow were you lead...

jen : painted fish studio

prepping for halloween -- decorations and spooky food -- are the best part! that's why i love halloween so much. looks like you and the boys are having fun! :)


Brilliant! Especially love that orange.


I'd better not let my kids see this post! I'd be very busy for the next few days.

Katherine of Kitten's Lost Her Mittens

Yum! All that food looks spooky and delicious.


Crikey you have been busy - i love the orange!


Wow, you're really getting in the spirit - what a fab spooky selection. I love your fanged orange! We've been making fanged pumpkins today inspired by Martha too - very messy but lots of fun! Enjoy your spooky weekend x


how cute! (i know they're not meant to be cute, but you know what I mean).

I just can't get into halloween in this country... call me a party pooper, my kids do.

I won't show them your post or you'll find them at your door (actually it's not a bad idea, they're driving me crazy!!!)

The Coffee Lady

I love your Halloween posts. Admit it - you're not doing it for the children at all, are you?

UK lass in US

You put me to shame - all I ever do is carve pumpkins to let the trick or treaters know that we hand out sweets. I'm already feeling the urge to put up Christmas decorations, though.


I'll be REALLY impressed when you start carving turnips like the ancients used to do.

But seriously, everything looks fab! I want to party at YOUR house. xoxo

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