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18 October 2011


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Oh they look fab! And so glad you found a good knitting group :) I better start working on some mitts now too--brrr!

K x


Very wise to knit gloves - these mornings are chilly now. I like the look of Rosie's: what a find!


These look very cozy - and well done for expanding your repetoire, cables are on my list to conquer soon too!

Thrifty Household

They look lovely! (I must learn to knit, I must learn to knit, I must learn to knit....)


Gorgeous colour, they looks so soft. I have made a few pairs of them - I love them.

Katherine of Kitten's Lost Her Mittens

They look fantastic! I'm impressed that you were able to gift them. The first hat I knit was supposed to be a present, but I ended up keeping it. :)
x Katherine


They look lovely! I knitted them a while ago for my niece and found they came up very small. Not keen on the thumb either - but Maine Morning Mitts have a great thumb gusset, and are easily modified to add cables..... mmmm, I'm giving myself an idea!


I love them and have added them to my list but want to know what the problem is with the thumb...too small maybe or something else? x


oooh those cables are lovely. I am learning cables at the moment and knitting these mitts
the gusset is good, I haven't finished the thumbs yet, but so far so good. x


They look lovely! Congrats!
I have 2 patterns that I have already made to recommend you:
1. Endpaper Mitts:
It is a free colorwork pattern, but don't let the colorwork frighten you! If I was able to finish a pair even though I hadn't knit in over 3 years and never in the round, with a little patience and perseverance you will be OK!
2. Aran Gauntlets:
It's a pattern from Vogue Knitting, that you can download with registering. They are also quite easy and really stunning. I've made 2 pairs, one for me and one for my Mom.

Both patterns, highly recommendable! All you have to do is google "fingerless gloves/mittens" and you will find tons of stunning patterns! But, I have to warn you...they are addictive!
Happy knitting!


Very cosy, and I love the colour :D Lucky friend!


Lovely gloves! I need to make some more typing gloves, I lost one from my last pair, very sad. I'll be checking out some of these links people are posting. :)


very very fetching! (and toasty too no doubt)

I bought mittens in Stockholm. the husband said they look like golf club thingies... but what does he know? eh???


Super cute!

I keep getting fooled by the bright sunshine and heading out hatless. Time to rummage through the big pile of knitwear and move some of it nearer the door... and then through the door...

Alice C

Next stop Kristina's cable throw. You know you want to.


I have a friend on Ravelry who has recently posted this free pattern for a great pair of mitts. They are simple, easily adaptable, and have a brilliant thumb gusset that looks really neat and tidy. I've just finished a pair and love them! http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/graffiti-on-the-metro

Helen in Switzerland

Oooh I love them! Just gorgeous - and I'm planning to switch from socks to mittens for a little while, so they may well be a pattern I could try out. Love the colour too!

Helen King

Gorgeous! Especially your version xx


For the men in your life, you might check out the Dashing (I'm pretty sure that's the name) version. . . Made a pair for a gift swap and the recipient was very happy with them!

The Coffee Lady

My confidence is boosted by the news that cables don't kill you.

The Coffee Lady

Ooh - and what yarn substitions, out of curiosity, have you tried?


What beautiful mittens Ali! I need to get out of my sock obsession so that I can knit myself some mitts before it gets really cold. Lucy x

UK lass in US

Cables are easy, aren't they? I remain unconvinced that this is a good project to first attempt them on, though. I remember double ended needles sticking out everywhere and adding a cable needle to the mix just made it seem more menacing.

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