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13 September 2011


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I had to look up empanadas! What were they filled with?
Today My 8 year old told me I should be a chef. I laughed. The meal? Pasta and tomato sauce.


Ah ha ha that pasta is BRILLIANT!


Damn, I had that book but I gave it away. One of my mad decluttering sessions. I wish I'd kept it now.


A meal based around moose-shaped pasta is definitely one created with love however it quickly it comes together.


I have the same urges this time of year. Lots of soup and slow cooker stuff going on, even though its still hot and sticky here!


Oh my ... I have to surprise my lot with that pasta :D

Love the sound of the book ... off to see if Amazon have it :D


I love the meals that the cooler weather brings! And I prepared a huge pot of applesauce just in time for the kids home from school. I expected to hear, "What smells SO GOOD?!?" but nothing! It's like their noses are broken!


Ah, to live close to an IKEA...

And the kitchen pottering with coffee and radio sounds delightful. Still sweltering here, but the forecast is promising.

Aussie Mum

One day I two will be able to pack my three boys off to school and have time to prepare a leisurely heart felt meal but in the mean time it is lots of pasta around here - love the moose shaped pasta!

Rosie W

Ooh yum! I just requested the book from the library.


sigh... I wish I could get my boy enthusiastic over food. It's not for the want of trying and so many meals get pushed around the plate my days of anything other that a quick fix for our weekday dinners are over. He just wants steak or pizza.


You know those 3 packets of biscuits I picked up while cursing over the others that were missing? A little bird told me (OK, it was Mmichele from greetingarts) they are being discontinued, which in my book is a tragedy. Probably shifted them to make way for elk pasta and mooseballs.

It's all a conspiracy to drive me insane! And it means I need to go back and buy up their remaining stock before it's too late!


MOOSE PASTA!!! Oh I am deeply envious!!

I must get some and I will save it for Christmas and call it Reindeer Pasta. And make a little chilli nose for one and call it Rudolph.

You can get away with that stupid stuff at Christmas right?

French Knots

Autumn brings out my urge to cook too, I picked up a slow cooker recipe book last might at a school book swap. But moose pasta sounds more exciting!


We love moose pasta, wish I'd bought more bags. But I don't love it enough to make a special trip to Ikea for it. I need to feeling very brave and strong to do that journey. Ax


The Italian in me scoffs at weirdly shaped pasta... my boys? they'd love it. I remember my mother had almost a heart attack when she found some Bob the Builder pasta in my cupboard once!

(I'm off to my TKMaxx to look for that book!)

Two Owls

I'm off to TK Maxx at the earliest opportunity in the hope they have a copy of that book. My oldest boy may be 4 and the youngest only 7 months now, but I've got to have one eye on the future!


My kids (and their friends) adore the elk pasta, but then they are one quarter Swedish. I've even been known to serve it up as a smart pasta salad at our annual Swedish Christmas Smorgasbord!


I could have done with a book like that when my lot were growing up although pasta always seems to do the trick!


I love the sound of your care-filled cooking for your family. I'm still at the stage of "oh what on earth can I cook tonight" and don't spend the time and love that I should on preparing food. But moose shaped pasta would be a definite winner! Lucy x

Emma (silverpebble)

Empanadas. I had to look them up. Are they like little fried pasties? What did you fill yours with? They look very good.

My little ones are delighted when I serve up flower-shaped pasta, no matter what sauce is on it.

The Coffee Lady

I did Bill Granger's empanadas a while back. Very nice indeed. And now I'm inspired to make them again.


Fall cooking is lovely ... especially when you have time to stew and simmer and fill the kitchen with all those lovely smells. That cookbook looks great--I wonder if would convince my Will to eat something besides mac and cheese?



It is definite cooking weather recently - I've had the urge to make soup recently (still unfulfilled). I love your description of your thoughts on cooking for your boys - your quest for delicious dinners is one of the nicest ways of showing your love for them.

Nina - Tabiboo

Filled with love sounds pretty good to me.

Have a lovely weekend,

Here's dreaming of slow cookers.

Nina x

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