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08 September 2011


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Ah, but it's so lovely.


What a delightful place. I loved the video... especially when it got to the "why are you recording" bit, which made me laugh.


That film is ace. Our offspring live at a different speed, obviously. I learned about it at college. It's called scaling if I remember right. The smaller you are the faster things happen. The life of a pygmy shrew must be bleedin' exhausting.

I especially loved the drifts of flowers.

Ordering of bulbs is a good thing, no? It is a wintry thing. Good. Winter. I am determined I tell you.

The Coffee Lady

I do love planning my garden in late summer and early autumn. I can completely ignore the fact that everything will either not come up or be completely strangled by weeds.


Oh, my gosh, the video is hysterical and, at the same time, gorgeous. Like a garden tour on drugs.

A cutting garden sounds like a wonderful, delicious project.


Love the video! I am full of inspiration now and can't wait to get planting. The tulips are a-calling.
Trying to decipher my notes will be fun though!


I'd love a house with a field, so I could make the field look a bit like that. I've loved your idea of a cutting garden since you first mentioned it.
Cost per hour of enjoyment (even with all those bulbs ordered)? Almost nothing!


and what about time??? planting bulbs takes soooo much time!!

French Knots

Love the way different things catch his attention- cat,gate...I made a little cutting patch on my allotment and it has been wonderful to go and gather an armful.


That is so sweet. I particularly like the cockerel chiming in.

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