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16 September 2011


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I'm still sorry for the poor state of my winter wardrobe after putting away all the summer stuff this morning... your question is well timed...

... but where do I start?


Trousers that haven't worn at the inner thigh area. Living in M&S black joggers at the moment. It's pitiful.

janet clare

I got changed 4 times this morning, either nothing fitted, looked right, allowed me to wear comfy shoes, I didn't have any tights etc etc. So what did I end up wearing? jeans and a white t shirt!
I have written this quote down and left it in a prominent position: decide who you are and adorn yourself accordingly... so based on todays efforts I'm a boring frump!


The changing of seasons always throws my dress sense out of whack - I usually look like a bag lady for the first month of autumn with too many layers. Love your little fish - very cute, well done for following your nose to that lavender.


Your stripy fish is lovely and I wish it were mine!

Winter wardrobe ... hmm ... start from the bottom up as I need new shoes: current work shoes are summer slip ons with no grip and are dreadful in the rain or any kind of icy weather.


very cute. there are lots of lavender fish in my house, although E calls them the stinky fish. ashamed to still be wearing the jeans from a long past visit to the changing room, except now they are so tattered and frayed they are almost indecent...... by Janet Clares reckoning that makes me a scruff bag....


I always wanted to dress elegantly, and I guess I thought I would just grow into it. Sadly, that hasn't happened yet. I need to get a few nice pieces instead of bagfulls at Primark.


Got THREE types of lovely heavy cotton at the discount place--Amy Butler!!! for 4.99/yd!!!--so I have the potential for three new skirts, but what I really need is nice tops, two good bras, and some nice thick tights. Off to do some shopping with Younger Son tomorrow, and he's reasonably patient. . . We'll see!

French Knots

Funds are a little short so I'm going to pull out some of the things from the back of the wardrobe and see what can be revamped. Ideally liopsuction to remove a couple of stone from my midrif would be on the shopping list but instead will eat more fruit!


I'm losing weight (I hope ... steroids for the RA have um rounded me out lately) and I refuse to buy clothes until the chub has gone. I may look like a bag lady before I've finished! But nonetheless I'll stick to adding just the lavender bags to my wardrobe for now ;) Love your fishy ones :D


Oh dear, we're SO far from Autumn here.
I'll think about it in a couple of months.

The Coffee Lady

I need to get back in there! Especially since today I am wearing a Gap top that my mother in law gave me because she was too thin for it. (Grr.) It doesn't suit me at all - it was just free.


Love your lavender fish - well done for smelling out your neighbours clippings! I don't even want to think about what my clothes look like - too big a job to tackle. Lucy x


This is great food for thought, Ali! I seem to be wearing what I've worn all summer - a linen shirt and jeans, only now it's teamed with a flowery scarf and very loud handknitted socks to keep the autumnal chills at bay!



I'm always relieved when autumn comes round because I think it is the season that I do "best". I tend to feel most comfortable and, frankly, attractive in my semi-cosy cords and darker colours, scarves and boots.

What I do need to do is a few repairs from last year (yes, I put things away unmended) and a couple of alterations... Hopefully this weekend.

Helen King

Well done for hunting out the lavender from the neighbours and what a lovely fish, keep that sewing machine out! Last year I caught my neighbours just as they were cutting a huge lavender bush and they gave me it all! This year I didn't need to ask, they left it on our doorstep!
Two pairs of new jeans (skinny & bootcut) have been additons to my Autumn wardrobe as I have a weird habit of wearing out the left knee (and only the left!) in ALL my jeans - weird!!!


Lovely! We're heading into the warm weather and I am at a loss. This time last year I was pregnant and I honestly can't remember what I wore the summer before that. My fashion memory is (blessedly) short.


Ali, the cookbooks are yours! I'm planning to be around all weekend so if you're popping into town at any point email me and you can pick them up!

Emma (silverpebble)

That's a very good-looking smelling fish.

I'll give the changing room a try. I'm still mystified by my wardrobe. A friend convinced me to try on a horizontally stripy top in a charity shop. I thought Trinny and Susannah said NEVER to wear horizontal stripes and yet I did not look like a widescreen sailor. I bought it. I am confused.


Just popped over from PinkCat to see if you had taken her up on her challenge; lovely little fish, and I found your innerlink "what your stuff says about you" very interesting!

UK lass in US

I'm struggling. My jeans were all falling apart by the start of summer, and try as I might, I have had no luck finding a replacement that fits (mainly because I don't like jeans too tight around the knee and I refuse to wear skinny jeans). I'm even contemplating trying to make a pair. Plus messing up my back but not losing my appetite has not helped. I'm looking forward to winter when I can just hide it all under a long wool coat.

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