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26 September 2011


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Now *that's* what I call a cake!


That cake needs its own postcode.

Emma (silverpebble)

Wowsers trousers. That is bigger than my hair, and that takes some doing.


Wow you've been baking up a storm over there! Your whoopie pies look perfect and that whopper of an apple cake is tuly tremendous!


Gosh, that's some cake. Isn't strange how family bithdays come in clusters?


That cake and and that stand is perfection, can you send me a piece!?

jen painted fish studio

oh yum!

Nina - Tabiboo

Oh my word - cake over load!

I made an apple cake yesterday, but nothing like yours. Mine was more rustic with bits of apple sticking up all over the place.

Nina xxx

ps. cream cheese frosting - nice one. N x


What a whopper! TEN eggs you say?!!! I don't think I've ever baked anything that needed more than 6!


Just wondering if the cake comes complete with a bed to lie down on after eating? Definitely food coma inducing. Love the whoopie pie. C.x


What a fantabulous cake Ali! I love Jodie and Emma's comments! And your subversive cheese pushing was ultra sneaky - have you confessed yet? Lucy x


It's birthday season in our family too - I made two at the weekend! Your apple cake looks AMAZING and your stealthy cheese pushing made me laugh. Lots.


Now that is what I call a cake! It's huge!
What a lucky Mum :o)



never mind the cakes (sorry.. they look delicious but I'm still full of caramel slices from last week...)



If there was ever a cake to turn your mum into a cake lover - that one should do it.

It looks absolutely amazing.


Feel free to send some slices my way. I feel my fruit ratio is a little down this week....

The Coffee Lady

You could courier me a slice over if it would help.


Surely the effort in lifting the gigantic cake onto its stand must have burned enough calories for at least 4 slices?

We are entering birthday season too. I have made over ambitious party plans. When will I ever learn?

(PS I had my first telling off from a school mum about the pretty lunches. I am tempted to start sticking in menus to really wind them up ;-)


Well, it IS a huge cake but boy is it fantastic to look at. And that cake stand!
Superb. Lucky people, your family members.


You are the queen of the whoopie pies--those look amazing! And what a cake! K x


That is one awesome cake ... I can hear the cake stand groaning from here!


I love the cloche on top of the cake - it clearly deserved a monster cake to go under it. And beautifully turned out whoopies!


It all looks so yummy - I especially like the look of those pumpkin cakes.

Ali - could you please tell me how you got the Pinterest button in your sidebar? I've looked at Pinterest and can't find how to do it.

Thanks :)


Cancel that question ... I just found it! :) x


Those pumpkin cakes look amazing! We're entering pumpkin season here, and I bet I could make some boys pretty happy with those!



What I find as impressive as the cake is the fact that you had a cake cover in the right size - how about that for forward planning!

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Your whoopie pies look perfect and that whopper of an apple cake is tuly tremendous! You are the queen of the whoopie pies--those look amazing!

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