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23 August 2011


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The reading challenge does look like fun, but I think maybe I'll use it as a source of book ideas rather than a formal participant as I know I'll never get around to reviewing four books in an appropriate time frame. Besides, I am for once enjoying our book group selection - but then, I did suggest it (The Fry Chronicles).

My sister is the one who phones me when I haven't written for a while. Not that she ever comments, but you can't have everything!


Domesticali isn't a brownish colour! It's bright and happy and full of fun! x


Another little toy to play with. Thanks Ali, I tried it with 'quince' naturally.


Hello Ali's Mum!! x

Angel Jem

No No No.
I do not need another blog on my blogroll.
I do not need a link to a site that seems to be soliciting reviews from bloggers and will send books out for free.
I do not need more books.
I will resist.
I will resist.
I will.... oh, bugger. What was the address again?


Oooh now I know what Wisley will look like tomorrow! Actually the colors do look quite Wisley-ish...

K x


Ha - I get the same from mine, and my Mother-in-law! I do keep suggesting that they start their own blog...


I wonder what the colour of colour is?


I love getting into a new book so much you just have to finish it super quick. I've just started Don Quixote, expecting it to be quite hard going, but it's hilarious.


hello mum... you can come visit me anytime!


I'm doing this challenge too, and the Michael Cordy is one of my four too. I'm just about to start 'Twelve' a Napoleonic/Russian vampire novel as my first read. Love that synaethesia site ...


Oh what a brilliant site - thanks for the link! And I'm rediscovering the joy of reading this year too. Nothing quite compares to getting lost in a good book, does it? Currently devouring Nigel Slater's 'Toast' - it's so unusual, and very engaging!

The Coffee Lady

I do love a page-turner. We are immersed in many guilty reading pleasures this summer, and very happy about it.

I do like the look of that challenge...


Wow, what a treasure box of goodies! I have eagerly explored the synesthesia links and am pondering the book, although I'm not sure I can stomach the latter.

And hello from across the pond, Ali's mum! My mother and mother-in-law BOTH remind me when I haven't blogged in a while...


Please thank your mom for me - great post!


Wow! Your mom reads your blog too?? :)


the color of...ah a new addiction. the book sounds delicious.

Emma (silverpebble)

Both numbers and the days of the week are indellibly coloured for me. They're always the same when I think of them. Monday is red, Thursday is brown, Saturday is purple, three is orange. I always wondered if this was a form of synaesthesia (or just a form of weirdness). It even has a name: Colour-grapheme synaesthesia Thankyou!


I actually have very slight synasthesia ... some smells and tastes have colours in my world. It's funny how you take such things for granted, until someone reminds you that not everyone's the same!


thank you for the link... it's still August, do you think there's still time to join?

I always write a '3' when I mean 'e' and viceversa... does it have a name or is it just bad typing???

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