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25 August 2011


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So true! I did actually manage to make a few of the things I've pinned; of course I've pinned hundreds of things ;) Now, I have to add customized tape to the list!


I got as far as opening an account, but then found myself somehow following a load of boards I have absolutely no interest in, and frankly it all seemed like a bit of an effort. One of these days.

I do like that tape though.


What fun! And I will of course be pinning customised tape!
I have an on/off love/hate relationship with Pinterest, as my limited number of pins probably reveals. But it is nice to have somewhere to pin things for future reference.


I haven't caught the Pinterest bug yet. But it's only a matter of time.... Love the tape. C.x


Oooh can't wait to start taping! But then need to follow your example, as I have lots of pins but not a single follow-through...

K x

Angel Jem

The eternal question; is it necessary to do after thinking? In my existentialist moments I think that the thinking of doing is better than the doing; no mess, no clutter and I can justify it as life in the Cloud (of my daydream)and even seem to know tech talk!


I made the raspberry buns I pinned on my food board,does that count? In fact, I have made them twice they were so delicious!

I love the map tape.


Oh the seductive allure of the 'Pin It' button. How brave of you to resist.


A girl after my own heart....I love making my own tape, it's such fun! Can't get my head round pinterest though....guess I just can't be bothered.

A Trifle Rushed

I'm having problems here in Brittany with pinning, (our internet is soooo very sloooow!) But it's one of my to do things when I'm back in Richmond.


ooooh gorgeous. x


Ooh what a great idea! I have been trying to resist the pull of pinterest as I suspect as soon as I sign up all my spare time will disappear down a pinterest shaped black hole ...


But don't let it stop you pinning..I mean if you don't follow it up. Sometimes the follow up is just...'Ahh...I like that' .


ah yes pinterest "When I click the pin it button there's a little thrill" you described it perfectly that little electro jolt through the system as i get my hit and then....but i think i could do the tape!


I have tried quite a few recipes that I pinned. I thought about doing a blog post on the things I've pinned that I followed through with, just because I'd be interested to see. I'm sure it would be a small percentage- I pin a lot!


What a great post -- thanks for the reminder!

Petit Filoux

I have a list of things I'd like to make... good on you for actually following it through!

janet clare

I may just be the only person without a Pinterest thingy- it's getting harder and harder to resist...


I can't tell you how honoured I am it was my pinned tape you followed through on. Or how embarrassed I am not to have done the same with a single one of my pins so far.

Whether through shame or inspiration, I'm going to follow your example at the earliest possible opportunity. All I need to do first is pick a pin...


The Coffee Lady

I am right in the middle of a dress which I first came across when it was pinned by Suse from Pea Soup. I am not anywhere in your craft league, but Pinterest does raise my game a bit.

I find it interesting that when I'm a person who mainly lives in a world of words, it is Pinterest I enjoy rather than Twitter. Twitter is just noise, but though Pinterest is full of laughable projects (did you see that child's lunchbox I repinned the other day? Someone was actually planning to make their child handcrafted sandwiches in the shape of a ladybird on a daily basis) it is also full of some really good ideas.

The Coffee Lady

I mean to say I'm right in the middle of making a dress.


Pinterest--love it too, although nothing brought to fruition as of yet. Now that you mention it I may just have to pull out that little camera case sewing project...


I've just gone through all your pins and pinched my favourites. Then I'm going to make some tape and call myself justified. Works for me.


Yay! So cool, Ali. Might have to try making some tape of my own. So nice to meet you via coffee lady.


It's lovely! I happen to use a lot of double sided tape for work so I'm sure a few bits won't be missed.

I've been very guilty of all Pin no action, I'm afraid! I keep telling myself it's valuable research, not procrastination ;o)


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