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08 August 2011


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I will shortly be communing with a cabbage ... I'll get back to you on the poetry ;)

The Coffee Lady

Go on then.


I'm tempted. I have a heap of local apples and plums which I find pretty inspiring. We'll see.


Oh please do promise to write more - I love it. The shorter the poem, the harder they are to write I think too - it really is lovely, Ali. x


oooh yum beetroot. I have some killer courgettes, I wonder what rhymes with that! xxx


Empty kitchen, mouldy.
Builders come to pull it down
my heart leaps with joy


I had this beetroot moment only an hour ago! I think you should definitely write more :o)



I tried. Perhaps this is something that requires some practice to get good at. A bit like cooking!


Fun idea, Ali! I took a stab at it, inspired by a recently-delivered-to-my-door, fabulous cookbook and the delicious recipes within. Who knew pancakes could bring on the poetry?


I'm all for it. I just made our first real pie and that deserves a bit of poetry, maybe? Only if your write a little more poetry please. :)


i'm no poet, but do enjoy yours! And can offer what is, perhaps, the world's shortest recipe for the gorgeous leaves of your beet root:

Leafy tops, chopped & steamed
a bit o' butter, lemon juice and salt


You have truly inspired me, not so much with the kitchen version haiku...but knitting! Just think of the possibilities! Thank you, thoroughly enjoyed my visit.

French Knots

We grew beetroot on the allotment this year and I've just cooked it for the very first time, delish! Wore rubber gloves specially bought for peeling it to avoid stained hands though.


I just laughed out loud at this one, as I looked down at my stained fingernails!

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