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09 August 2011


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Oh dear, hope tonight is less vomit ridden and he is soon better x

Simply H Designs

Oh dear, I hope the hurling child has stopped hurling...poor thing. Keep up the poetry too - it made me giggle! x


I love bad poetry-
What is not to like?
Beetroot and hurling kids
Make very good haik
Sorry. Ax

Alice C

There is that numbing moment
when his masterpiece is completed
and you lift it up carefully
and your other child knocks your elbow.


It sounds like you need to take your pleasures wherever you can find them right now. If bad poetry does that for you, bring it on.


Oh SO sorry to hear about the pukage. Isn't one supposed to save that for the deep dark of winter?? Hope nobody else follows suit...


Oh I hope it's getting better. That is so not supposed to be part of the summer holidays.

K x


The poetry.
Not the rest ...


Hama beads are a distant memory from my children's earlier years, as thankfully is the time one vomited into a bag of Duplo bricks. There was no poetry that night, but there might have been a few choice words!


Lol!Hama beads are such great things. I've seen hyperactive children focus for hours when using them. I love to see their faces when they watch them being ironed. Ooooh! x


Hope he's feeling better


oh dear, I hope he is better soon x


oh no!

not during the holidays...

(by the way, NEVER forget to use the smooth white paper when ironing the beads. TRUST ME, I KNOW)


Ugh to both the Hama beads and the hurling! I hope the hurling didn't end up affecting all of you. I've had a hurling Minx all day today so I feel your pain.

she's feeling a little better now and is sitting in bed crocheting herself a necklace :o)



So sorry to hear about the hurling, we have lots of stomach pains happening in this house, but touch wood, no actual vomming as yet.
LOVED your poem, it made me laugh out loud...more please!!!!!

Emma (silverpebble)

Oh I do hope the pox has gone. Far away.

I loved the original version of that poem as a child. My other (rather similar) favourite was:

A peanut on the railway track
His heart was all a-flutter
The 2.15 came down the track
Toot toot peanut butter.

Handmade in Israel

We love Hama beads! Hope he feels better soon.


perfect vacuum cleaner food..hoover food.

hope all is better now.

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