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12 July 2011


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Oh oh oh! Any tips on a cutting garden this way please! My dream is to have armfuls of flowers brought in from the garden instead of very small jarfuls!


oh wow.

Good for you!

I look forward to learn secrets and tricks!

Jodi Anderson

Your photos are really lovely.

I was a radish hater until last year, when I began cooking them. My favorite way is to saute them in butter with asparagus. So, hopefully you have asparagus lovers!


What gorgeous pictures!
Lucky you, I'm looking forward to seeing beautiful pictures of flowers from the garden.


I loved my cutting patch but it's been sadly neglected this year. As has the entire allotment - I think our days there are numbered. Good for the Scouts for keeping going!


Well done Mark with the radishes! I remember growing radishes for my Girl Scout Plant Care badge many moons ago.

And hoping you'll pass along all your cutting garden advice as I feel completely lost with flower-growing. The arrangement in the photo looks divine.

Love the garlic close-up too!

K x


Well done to the Scouts - great photos! Your course sounds really good: enjoy your veggies!

The Coffee Lady

Ah, the Wee McGregors, as Littlest calls radishes. It's a television programme about a man with a talking allotment, apparently.


Ooh, radishes! I love them though I'd never thought to cook them as Jodi does. Garlic too I love.


well done Mark - that's a handsome radish. Green and gorgeous looks very gorgeous and green, hope you can pass on some cutting garden tips.


That course sounds great - I'd love a cutting garden. Actually I'd like a garden with flowers of any sort, rather than overgrown shrubs and lots of holes being dug by a very industrious puppy!



You'll have to share your knowledge with those of us who can't go on a course. I would love a cutting garden. At the moment we just cut and bring in anything that flops down over the path.


Fabulous. I love growing things!


I can almost taste that totally photogenic radish. Enjoy your radish crop x


Bravo, Mark! And I've never seen such a beautiful garlic.

Hope we can attend your September class vicariously.


You just made me go straight to the fridge to eat some radishes! Not homegrown unfortunately but bought from Asda the other day and forgotten about until now! They were tasty but I bet Mark's were far better. Lucy x


I love radishes! Well done Mark.


Those radishes look so good and the garlic has excellent looks too.

Keep us posted about the cutting patch.

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