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24 July 2011


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I had really hoped to get to Art in Action this year but things have just been too hectic. Looks like it was good.


Oh what an amazing place/event to volunteer at! Hope you managed to snag some crumble :)

K x


Mmm. Plum crumble.
And oh how I wish I wasn't a danger to myself with a craft knife.


These grow near us too and we've eaten a load of them this weekend. They are actually mirabelles which are common in Lorraine, France but also seem to be happy here!


I'm a little late but hope there was a morsel of crumble left. Those plums are a great colour aren't they?

Thankyou for the introduction to Sarah Morpeth's work.

Katherine of Kitten's Lost Her Mittens

You're so lucky to have those wild plums! And Art in Action looks really cool.

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