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19 June 2011


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I know exactly what you mean. I go through blogging periods when I really think to myself, "really, I mean who cares? I'm not even sure if I care". Then I just tend to stay quiet. I have no desire to post on a regular schedule,but somehow I always seem to be drawn back, even after almost four years.


I lost my blogging groove for a bit Ali and I do every now and again drift in and out, like Lina. everyone does get caught up / consumed in what they're doing. I started making time to read blogs that I like reading again because I'd lost that. And I'm quite enjoying it. again.


In an increasingly chaotic world I think there is a need for some rhythm and familiarity. I have noticed and worried about my own repetition, the same flowers picked, the same things baked and the same seasonal posts but I think we have our place.

My favourite blogs these days are no longer the ones choc full of new ideas but those that soothe and relax. Yours is quite perfect Ali, keep writing and photographing from the heart.

Petit Filoux

Mmmm I know what you mean, I seem to be struggling a little at the moment, and even though there was a time when it took up a lot of my time and I really enjoyed it, I now occasionally just forget about it and don't find the time to sit down and write posts (let alone interesting ones!) - I'll stick with it for a bit longer though, because when it's good, it's really good.


Familiarity and routine is very reassuring I find. Perhaps we're not posting as often and with as many new things to say but there's just as much to relish I think.

I love the fact that your two posies are rather similar. Why would they not be though? Their equally random and beautiful. At least no skunk cabbages have crept in amongst the roses.


They're, they're! For shame! So sorry, I'm a little tired today.


That's the wonderful thing about living in a country with definite seasons. You get both constant change and reassuring routine. Both are things that us humans need for happiness and security.
And I don't know about you, but I don't replant my entire garden every year, so the flowers inside are very likely to be similar year on year. If you love them, that's a good thing!

Angel Jem

I'm back after a blogging break and I'm loving the familiar round. Think of your friends: who do you like to spend time with; the one who has a new dress/bag/pair of shoes everytime you meet or the one whose kitchen has a faintly worn air of cakes and used teapots who offers you a tasty cuppa everytime she opens the door? Your rose was pink last year and the year before; it will be pink next year. It can't be a different colour this year. But it is glorious and it smells wonderful and it celebrates glorious June. Soon we celebrate sand everywhere and after that apples and the Christmas scent of cinnamon. Life is a cycle; climb on and ride. See you next time!


I seem to have lost my rhythm for life in general as well as blogging but gradually I am beginning to find it again. I like the familiarity of repetition and your bouquets of flowers are too delightful not to be repeated! Lucy x


You've echoed my thoughts precisely. Sometimes life gets in the way and I think I've just got out of the blogging habit - but I still think of myself as a blogger and one of these days I'll even post something to prove it!

nina - tabiboo

The cycle of seasons - our own circle around the sun and comforts in a homely kind of way all mingled with what we know and like......I'm guessing.

Though it does feel like it's becoming harder to be original - maybe that's what happens when you find like minded and similar kind of folk.

Something I've always yearned for, but there is that pattern of same old, same old!

Nina x


Blogging is old form. Tumblrs and tweeting and all things instant and spontaneous are the medium now.
We are the dinosaurs of the internet and, really, need only go on with our own motivation.
And yet, my same readers are there every day - sometimes minutes after I post.


the big circle of life... nothing wrong with that... ebbs and lows...ups and downs... I think after all these years the reasons for blogging has changed... I like to think about it as a chat with friends. And true friends don't mind if you are quiet for a bit. It's just nice to know you're there.

Lovely bouquet(s)


A lovely post, Ali, and your comments have also been so lovely to read. Beautiful flowers, both this year and last!


I think maybe this is what I love about blogs so much. You can be "in and out". You can post when you like. I, too, have noticed the exodus and I'm sad about it. But, like you, I'm also a creature of habit. I'm so happy to hear that you won't be one of the dear departed ;-).

Sew Create It - Jane

I identify with your post and Lina's comment. But every time I think I'm going to leave blogging behind the lure of the friendships I've made and the inspiration I've had lure me back. I don't stick to a schedule, but try and write and take pictures of things that make me smile. As long as I'm doing that then I might be making someone else smile.

P.S. I love both pictures and they both make me smile.


You aren't the only one posting almost identical pictures a year apart. Tomorrow I will be posting a picture of the same birthday cake I made my husband last year.
For me one of the best things about blogging is how aware it has made me of the rhythm of the seasons and their impact on my life. I see it as a very positive thing and I love what Angle Jem says about life being a cycle.


This time I really can't figure out how to get back in the saddle - and I don't even tweet (or text, or keep a mobile phone with me, or...)! Not blogging doesn't bother me, but being out of touch with my Blogland friends really, really does.


Magic Bean

What are you talking about Missus? Last year the posy was in a jam jar, this year in a blue jug.
Love your blog- always makes me feel calm. Have a happy and repetitive week. Ax


Beautiful posy, in 2 different incarnations. This is the kind of thing I'd dearly love to be able to throw together, I need some lovely cottage garden blooms in my next garden. I'm sure I don't have an ounce of your effortless flower-arranging style though!

I'm one of those who's had a bit of a fallow blogging period, but having got back to it a bit more of late, I'm really enjoying the routine. It makes me feel as if I've accomplished something, even the little every day things.


I love that your posies are similar because they are seasonal and I think that's the key. The new comes and goes and captures our attention fleetingly but seasonality and routine are the rhythm of life.


So well put Ali. I often wonder if the blog has run its course but then return because I like the familiarity of it and ultimately I write it for me. It's a bonus that other people want to read it.


Don't regular families have their own routines? Blogs are just cyber families/friends/groups/whatever you'd like to call them.
And I love it just as it is, (almost) same flower arrangements a year apart and all.
This said from one without a blog ...

The Coffee Lady

I have noticed the ho hum in blogland at the moment, and I'm right there hoing and humming. It's alarming when you realise you've posted the same thing before - it happened to me with a year-on picture of my laundry basket, which made me feel a little tragic.

Having said that, it was blogging that showed me some of the rhythms to start with - I'd barely noticed the cycle before, if I'm honest.


What an appropo post! I have hemmed and hawed quite a bit about blogging lately. I started a blog 5 years ago for friends and family, so they could check in on us as we began a life abroad. I had a pretty regular group of readers, and I enjoyed checking in with others too. Over a year ago, I received my first creepy comment right around the same time one of my favorite creative blogs had her identity stolen (including all the pictures of her kids being claimed online as someone else's). It stressed me out and led to me password-protect, but writing just for my family who never comment...it was so demotivating. I missed engaging with other bloggers, so I started a second blog that left off all personal details...but it just isn't me either. I'm still not sure where that leaves me. Given these ponderings, it was nice to check in here and find you considering the same. Warmest wishes to you!


I'm right there with you, Ali :)


It actually wasn't until I started blogging that I realized how cyclical life is. And with such gorgeous flowers to be seen and photographed I'm glad--such a beautiful rose!

Still having blog ho-hums on this end. But I think the answer for me now lies in ignoring 'readership' and 'statistics' and just seeing it as a way to share and connect with my best friends :)

K x


Tagging along after everyone to say that your post is so well written. I so often feel that I want to blog more (even if it's just a journal-like entry for myself) but then the day passes and it seems pointless. I really want to get back to more regular posting as I love the sharing.


I know that feeling too Ali, and yes perhaps as blackbird says we are the dinosaurs of the internet but I feel a sense of permanence with blogs that the other forms just don't have. If I never blogged another word, surely my blog would still stand there offering what it has to people, ideas, tips, tutorials.
My enthusiasm for blogging ebbs and flows but it feels like such a part of me now that I can't imagine not doing it.

Modern Dilemma

One of the things I love about my favourite blogs is the cycle of life reflected in the posts. Is it weird that I am then prompted to remember cyclical moments in my own life which I associate with such posts, even if I never get around to writing the posts myself? Blogging has it's peaks & troughs but Twitter's 140 characters per tweet will never match the slow insight we all gain into one another's lives from blogs & comments.

MD xx

French Knots

I rather like the way blogging has opened my eyes to some of the patterns in my life, the seasonal and the rhythms in our family life. I'm in a bit of a blog slump because my posts tend to be photo led and I'm no taking pictures as often.
Thought provoking post Ali.


Beautifully put, Ali. My mojo all but disappeared recently and it wasn't for lack of time on the computer. I'm hoping I can start getting back into it again as I do miss you all when I'm 'away'!


Alice C

I think that this is an interesting post because it suggests that there are two different types of bloggers - those who love the photos and those who love the words. I have a theory that the first category are currently distracted by Pinterest but that is seen as a natural and permissible extension of blogging. However, the second category, and I count myself among these, find Twitter appealing because it is mainly words. For some reason this is not seen as a natural extension of blogging even though it is very similar to blogging and Facebook. It is as though one village looks suspiciously over the parish boundary at the neighbouring village and decides they are 'different people'. I enjoy the immediacy of Twitter and the fact that I can use it to chat to blogfriends in the microscopically small slivers of time that I have available to me at the moment. It is perfectly possible to combine blogging and Twitter and get the most fun out of both platforms.


The repetitive/cyclical nature of blog content actually really appeals to me, I just LOVE to feel soothed and calmed by the rhythms of home life year on year.
I keep thinking how much my children have changed in the 3+ yrs that I've been writing about them and I adore that I have been able to document some little snippets of their earlyish childhood, preserving the memories. I feel like I will always create my weblog, it's appeal hasn't diminished for me. I only wish I had more time to devote to it as I love the creative aspect of it very much.

By the way, your flowers are beeeeeeeeeautiful, I hope you manage to do it again next year :o)xxxxxxxxxxxx

Make Money With Photography

We really are creatures of habits and most of the time we do not realise it.

I do love to blog but sometimes I just want to be normal no computer, ipad or iphone. I enjoy those moments then I mis blogging so come back again. Good to know I am not the only one who feels like that.

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