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28 June 2011


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Oh my gosh--I love your new mat!

I once had visions of making T-shirt yarn, but all my T-shirts seem to have side seams. Sigh.

And so happy you were able to use the Cotton Tape. You should have some Silken Straw by tomorrow :)

K x

nina - tabiboo

Two weeks eeeekkkk - there is nothing like a reminder to kick you into touch......right!

Love the new bath mat - I may have to google that method.

Nina x


I love the new bath mat! I've got heaps of unfinished projects floating around which I am sure wouldn't take long to complete, but it is always reliant on finding something (other than time!) or I've gone off it by the time I come to do it!
Well done you for getting it done - it was well worth the wait!


More than good enough I'd say. I was thinking about crocheting a bathmat with yarn made from worn towels but you've made me wonder if I'd have enough.


You are truly a queen! omg, it is so cool :)


I love it! The colours are perfect bathroom colours - you must be so happy with it.

Also, this has reminded me that I have an unfinished rag rug somewhere, that I last worked on over 11 years ago!


oh Ali, it's fab and what a brilliant use for old T shirts - I'd never have thought of that. It works so well with the cotton tape too - I bet it feels lovely on the feet.


well it must be UFOs and bathmat month!!

I'm getting a bit cross with myself that I've procrastinated so long with so many stupid projects that haven't taken long at all to finish. Doh.

(I bet that mat is much softer than mine!!!)


I. Don't. Need. Any. More. Ideas.


I swear, every time I read yours or Monica's blog, you've just finished making something that I have on my to-do list. A t-shirt mat being one of them. It's getting scary.

I love this! It looks so cosy too.

The Coffee Lady

I could never take a picture of my bathroom floor. Especially not the corners.


Oh Ali, it's scrumptious, such gorgeous colours. Terrible urge to go and cut up t-shirts now...


Thats brilliant! I love those colours together.


Oh, now I do like that. Whether I'll ever find time to make one is another matter (or indeed find yarn to match the ill advised colour we painted our bathroom).

Magic Bean

I had No Idea that old t-shirts could be made into knitty stuff. Not that it makes any difference to me as my knitting is more like knotting. But I can drool from afar. It's fab, Ax


This is like reading Arab for me. I admire you and I love it.


I love this Ali, it looks gorgeous and I bet it feels great underfoot too. Wonder how many tshirts I can sneak out of hubby's closet without him noticing...


I couldn't believe how yarn hungry that mat was. And I wish I'd been able to make it a bit wider too. Hey ho - it's just for feet, I keep telling myself!

Ali x

> To: alisonhudson03@hotmail.com


Great mat! Everyone seems very industrious of late - am feeling as though I should Do Something myself...!

French Knots

I made a bathmat out of a recycled towel and pretty pillowcase, so pleasing to make something old into something new. A great idea for using up tshirts and any stubborn grass stains wouldn't show!

Esther Aliu

Finished is Fabulous!!

Katherine of Kitten's Lost Her Mittens

It looks fantastic! What a great idea.


This came out wonderful! I love the colors, and it looks like it would be so cozy underfoot.

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