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21 June 2011


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Oooh thank you so much for the silken straw! Must get mine into the mail to you now--so so sorry for the long delay. And I know just what you mean about the household to-do list. The thimble list sounds like a great improvement :)

K x


I can tick a few from your list...

-bought myself a pair of silver shoes (yeah, I know...)
-just a ate a slice of pound cake with Nutella on it (shhhh, don't tell the childred)
-dinner is sorted for tonight too.



Oooh, thanks for the wonderful link. I love the idea of it all, and now I'll be off dreaming for Thimbleanna's Thimble List. ;-)

-- Quiet time to read inspiring blogs (and here we are)
-- Bake. Most anything, just bake.
-- Water the flowers in the morning sun.
-- .......


what a fabulous idea, think i might join you :o)
j x

Magic Bean

-eat another slice of home baked bread
-start reading my new book
-lie down in the garden looking up at the clouds

I love this thimblelist thing. Thank you, Ax

Katherine of Kitten's Lost Her Mittens

I love the idea of the thimble list! And I like what you have on yours. Thanks for sharing the link!


Creme au chocolat cooling on the counter.
Turning the first page of a brand new book.
Bubble bath.
Ticking things off lists (sorry, I'm one of those people who likes all kinds of lists!)

Angel Jem

Listening to Breaking Dawn on my MP3.
Walking this afternoon just after all the rain and having damp feet from the puddles and a hot head from the sun.
Looking forward to cheesy baked potatoes for tea tonight. Yum.

The Coffee Lady

You're right. The most organised and beautiful list cannot make up for the fact that it holds treats like 'fill in tax credits form' and 'clean toilet'.

I'm really not good at simple pleasures, and I must try to be. I can inhale treat food without even noticing. I need to stop and breathe a bit, I think.


I make a to do list everyday on my blackboard. Invariably only one thing gets crossed off - normally. Ho hum. I don't have to make dinner tonight either and you are right, that is something to be very grateful for indeed!


A thimble list. I like it. My lists scare the living daylights out of me!


ah I do that! Didn't know it had a name though. I make little lists in my head to cheer me through the day or the week ... daily things like:
- big cup of tea after work when I get home
- new socks

and weekly things like:
- buy veg on the market
- fresh flowers
- clean bedding

I sort of incorporated it into my new year's list as well, I didn't want to make resolutions but a list of things I wanted to achieve in a year. Buying new pillowcases was one of them. This has been achieved. Twice. Go me!


Wonderfully inspiring post Ali. I would tell you mine but I think I will save it for a blog post :o)


I love the idea of a thimble list. My current lists are far to long and scary given that we are just about to move house! I think I need to write a thimble list as well. Might start with - enjoying a few squares of chocolate in front of the TV when baby boy has gone to sleep.


Loving the thimble list - so much more fun than my never-ending to-do list!
My list for today
- a day spent with friends, sharing & laughing (www.teaontuesdays.blogspot.com)
- eating delicious home baked banana & choc chip muffins
- walking the dogs on the Common

Chris x


loving this.

* have prepped painting pics for tomorrow's painting session w with Yr 2.
* walked the dogs after tea tonight and then took the children for ice creams on the way home.
* made dinner this afternoon so could do sit with kids afterschool no rushing.
* spent ages choosing a new collar for My Assistant.


This is just spooky, Ali, because as I was lying with #2 for an age tonight, waiting for him to settle and fall asleep, I devised in my head a tiny list of things to look forward to tomorrow.

1. Make lentil soup because finally it's supposed to be pleasant out, not sweltering.
2. Take camera and document Little Lad's swimming lesson.
3. Enjoy coffee date with my sister.

Must do this more often...

Procrastination Free Living

Thank you for sharing you links !! It was so great to this list!! nice job!!! have a nice day!!


I love the idea of a thimble list - a good way to remember that every day can have lovely special bits in it. Today mine would include;

:: see Toby in his school play tonight (he's an elephant)

:: plant out my cabbage seedlings in the garden

:: listen to the wailin jennys cd

thanks for the inspiration


Brilliant idea... off to compose my thimble list!


love the idea of a thimble list.....going to make a little list of my own now!

Helen King

What a brilliant idea. I love a good list and get great satisfaction ticking them off but you are so right, a thimble list sounds much more fun and on mine today....

* Play Adele 21 and sing along very loudly (whilst everyone else is out!)
* read a few chapters of my library book
* Eat chocolate - lots
* Make some cakes with the kids

Account Deleted

This is very interesting. I actually enjoy writing lists, even the mundane little tasks. It's something I've inherited from my Nana & making lists, crossing bits off etc gives me a huge sense of comfort. Plus I have the memory of a goldfish - yep I regularly walk into a room & cannot remember why I'm there (I'm only 31 too!)
But my thimble list for the next couple of days goes a bit like this:

* Water the plants (must not forget this!)
* Do a DIY manipedi
* Bake cupcakes
* Finish my current knitting project
* Drink wine!

Modern Dilemma

Delightful! That's the word which popped into my mind at the thought of a thimble list. Lovely, lovely idea. I am off to investigate and create one of my own right now. It has something of a "Gratitude Journal" in reverse approach which I like.

MD xx

French Knots

What a lovely idea, it brought a picture to mind of my old, slightly bent metal thimble and a strip of paper with tiny writing in proper ink from a fountain pen.
So for tomorrow -
have a rummage in the fabric boxes at the coffee and jumble
buy crusty bread and cheese for lunch
sit in the sun

janet clare

I like the idea of turning list making on it's head and only writing the enjoyable,little things on it. I may have to start a thimble list myself- of course, i will still need the scary never ending 'to do' list as my brain is a sieve.


Those endless lists of dreary tasks do get me down sometimes. What a fantastically refreshing idea this is - thankyou. I will take this advice. Definitely.


What a lovely idea! Here's my thimble list for today:
1. Shopping trip with my 10 year old (browsing in LYS hopefully - we love it in there)
2. Getting out my old flute to see if same daughter's arms have grown enough to play it yet
3. Dinner out tonight as treat for son who has had a Difficult Week at school
Have a lovely weekend!


What a great idea and just what I could do with!

Here's my thimble list for this evening:

1. Help Minx glam up for her evening out (she's ten!)
2. Make myself a lovely proper cup of coffee
3. Catch up on all the blogs I haven't read in so long.
4. Start reading my new Dawn French book that Mr Moog bought for me as a surprise today.


What a fabulous idea! I seem to have completely lost my ability to write lists and actually "do stuff" since I've been ill but I'm beginning to think I might be able to start listing and do-ing again. Little steps as always which is frustrating but before long I'll hopefully be functioning much more fully.

My lists always used to be a combination of "to do" and "want to do" so I think this morning's list should be:

1. Play on the computer - done
2. Wash up - done
3. Tidy the kitchen
4. Knit socks
5. Play on the computer some more
6. Make soup
7. Cast on new sock while listening to the radio.

There, I feel much more motivated now!


Great post. Your blackboard list is indeed very pretty, but your thimble list is much more fun. It's nearly the end of the day but my thimble list between now and bedtime includes savouring my husband's homemade soup and downloading my holiday photos. Simple pleasures!


LOVE the thimble list idea. Hopeless at keeping up with the other kind. Downloaded an app called Things for a to do list but I never remember to look at it. Cx

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