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30 June 2011


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Wow, thats inspired. By the way I lurk and love your blog, thank you x


Just make a similar tote but for sheet music? With musical notes emproidered or sewn to it.


Ditto everything Tulja said.

Pfft. And I thought I was so original.


Such a fun idea for a tote. No original ideas from me I'm afraid, we just did homemade cards and gift tokens this year.

PS I remember your origami wreaths made from sheet music, perhaps you could do something else along those lines?


I am always a firm believer in a box of homemade biscuits. If you have cutters then the possibilities are even more exciting.

The Coffee Lady

I am clear out of ideas - if I ever had any to start with.


That bag is wonderful :-). I gave my son's teacher a mug with a knitted mug cosy, and he drew her a picture.

Alysha in Seattle

I adore this project! You creative lady you. May I steal?


Oh the bag is such a super idea! Clearly your ideas are much better than mine, so I reckon you'll have something for the music teacher in no time.


super cute! Now, do I have enough time to steal your idea and make one for Matthew's teacher????


Love this...sewn stationery! Have you seen the canadian shop Pilo?

So music .... how about a sewn music score, as a document wallet thingy? I don't mean the music....just the line spacing etc...


Oh Ali, inspired and gorgeous. Top of the class for you.

Jo Norman

Extremely bad form to promote something of your own in a comment ... but ... I only add this because this is what I'm giving my boys' male music teacher with an itunes voucher and it might give you an idea, http://www.notonthehighstreet.com/daisyley/product/personalised-thank-you-gift-box, so please feel free to delete this after you've read it!



I need to sort out something for Minx's teacher but sadly I don't feel like making anything as she has been truly horrible to my girl recently - a case of stick rather than carrot (doesn't work with Minx).

On the other hand, Monster's teacher has been amazing but I'm not so sure he'd appreciate a bag.

I know just what you mean about this time in the school year - roll on summer holidays!



I'll give the non-inspired gift of wine to No 2 male teacher. I'm not overly pleased with him so it won't be an expensive bottle either!

Gardening vouchers? I always think I'll get into gardening when I'm older. Which is a terrible thing to say, but you know what I mean.

That bag is gorgeous. Seriously. Inspired.


Love the tote: I'd be thrilled to get something like that. How about black and white piano keys ... or strings ... or favourite composer's name ... or name of piece of music ... for the other teacher - he'll need something to carry sheet music in, retired or not?

Sam Butler

Ipod cosy? Knitted or quilted or for super quickness made of felt?


That is an extremely cute bag! I am sure the teacher will be thrilled.

Helen King

This is the best teacher present idea ever! I love it - please can I steal for for our teachers? For the music teacher how about a bag again but print a sheet of music onto photo transfer paper and iron this onto it?

A Trifle Rushed

What a wonderful bag, I'm full of admiration for both you and all the people who plan to copy your idea. My little girl is finishing Reception, but it would take me so long to make the bag it wouldn't be ready til the end of Year Six!


Brilliant bag. I need to get my thinking cap on for Twiglet's teachers. We made wooden bead bracelets last year and one of his teachers recently asked me to restring hers as she's worn it so much - yay !!
Twiggy x

Lasso the Moon

We made a bag for our darling teacher this year too! Here's the post:
Kid handwriting is so precious and should be treasured. Thanks for sharing. Sorry no ideas for music teachers.


Perhaps not specifically for a male ... but make a magnetic ,fabric picture frame for on the fridge. I saw one on a dutch site and thought it was a great idea. The picture could even be changed.


Wonderful gift!

I second the idea of wine for the male teacher. Easy, and of course it will be used!


This bag is so clever! Simple idea yet so striking. Colourwise it's a bit Lotta Jansdotte too. I've been reading your blog for some time but I've been a bit shy about posting - a bag like that seems to have brought me out of my quiet corner! What did you make the music teacher in the end?

UK lass in US

What a gorgeous bag! The lines are ridiculously straight, too...

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