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26 May 2011


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I understand that sense of mispacement Ali. Glad you've found what's been missing.


It does look like it was time well spent. Make sure you take some more often! x


A lovely day, a lovely treat and oohhhh look at that Juno. I love Juno. I admire your restraint.


Such a perfect day. And I know what you mean about that little bit of self. I think I rediscovered a bit of it on Tuesday too.

K x


Lovely thought...kernel to seed, germination to sprout! I think spring and all the "newness" of it is a great time to remember self-nurture.


Loop sweeties? Well, that's it, I clearly need to visit. Soon.

I'm glad you're feeling more centred. Wish I was!


Glad you've rediscovered your you-ness. I love those skeins of wool! They just look so strokeable and full of potential.
And the reason this half term has disappeared so fast? It was only 3 1/2 weeks long. I was recently shocked to realise that Miss 7 will be Miss 8 in just over a week. (not that she hasn't been reminding us for the past 6 months...)


It looks like a wonderful day - gorgeous yarn. Glad things are falling into place.

The Coffee Lady

So glad to hear it, so glad. I have completely lost my own plot, if I had one to even start with.

You bring hope to us all.


Isn't is strange how that kernel gets lost sometimes? It seems that the more you look for it, the more difficult it is to find and then all of a sudden you chance upon it quite unexpectedly.

I found mine last week by the river. I'm so glad you found yours on a lovely day with a friend.x

Alice C

So, so good to read this post. I have been waiting anxiously for it.


oh you went to Loop!!! I must the be the only person on the planet that hasn't... sigh...

(Glad you've found your 'kernel again... keep hold of it... and... any news?)


Ooooh, I love this post! I think it's a life well lived where we lose ourselves and then can feel the excitement of that re-discovery. Think of the boredom of the life where that cycle never occurs.


Ali, I love your philosophical musings - they make me feel better about the world too, and how nice to get a lovely day out for you-time.


I've gone a tiny bit green with envy - a visit to Loop and the Nordic Bakery and in such good company too! You certainly deserved a lovely day and what a bonus that it resulted in you unearthing that little missing essence - hope you manage to hold on to it for a goodly long time x


It's so good to know that you found that essence of yourself again, but not good to think you'd mislaid it, for any length of time. Here's hoping you don't lose it again anytime soon.


re: your allotment comment on my blog - It's a small world! And even smaller because I visited Loop on the same day that you did! First trip to their new store, escaping baby for a few hours to stroke lovely yarn! Very much enjoying browsing your blog by the way.

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