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12 May 2011


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*GASP* It's beautiful. I am a regular purger of stuff, I cannot abide clutter, although looking around my house you probably couldn't tell...

And as for space in your life, I know that feeling too...I have to admit that I miss working. Just a little bit.


I have just spent 2 hours mucking out elder daughter's room. I cannot face younger one's right now. We have no understanding of the concept of one in, one out in this household, though I would like to know whether my bootload of rubbish out corresponds to a large slice of cake in?!

nina - tabiboo

I so love the theory, but the actual 'nope' I just can't do it - which is why our home is so cluttered...but I love it.

Love your milk glass as well - by the way.

Have a lovely day,

Nina xxxxx


aaah! A mother's guilt. Just enjoy, stop feeling bad. I love it, where's it from? Me wanty!


Oooh you don't know how much I'm coveting that milk glass cake stand! Sigh.

And I do know what you mean about that space...

K x


If I weren't knee-deep in Wedding prep for my sister I'd be working on "a hand made Christmas."

At least, in theory.


Lovely cake stand! I am just learning to declutter and am know keen to get rid of everything. I too have lots of summer clothing ready to send to the charity shop, although I start to wonder if I don't want it, will anyone else? x


I suggest gardening - it's also a good way to spend gloomy winters as you make plans inspired by the seed catalogues. Could be an age thing though; when I get into bird watching please someone shoot me.


You need to make a cake to put on it asap :o)

Alice C

I wish I could advise - my experience is that something turns up. It is not luck, more a receptiveness to opportunity when the time is right.


where did you find that!!! I love milk glass... so rare in this country though... or maybe just around here?

(did you get rid of one child to make space of the dummy?)


Hope some 'more' works it's way into your days soon but in the meantime I think you need to make some of your delicious cakes to pop onto that very beautiful but also rather empty cake stand!

UK lass in US

Let me send you my kids - they have a magical way of making any room in your day disappear. Why, I just spent an hour looking for something to open the lock on the bathroom door, after my son turned the lock and closed the door behind him...


That cake plate is beautiful, I can see why you had to bring it home!
We're trying to do some serious de-cluttering here. I suspect the true extent of the damage will only become apparent when we're attempting to box up all our possessions for the move!

French Knots

Would need to be more like 1 in 10 out in my house, I'm a terrible hoarder!Too much stuff, everywhere.
Hope you find what you need in your days. Shame you aren't near me, you could come and play in the studio and share your inspiring ideas.x


Love the cake stand but I don't hold with the 'one in, one out' theory I'm afraid! (but maybe I should...) I'm sure something will turn up and it'll suddenly be just what you need. I would say, till then, bake some cakes for the gorgeous plate but (being too much of a cake-eater) that's not the answer either!

Katherine of Kitten's Lost Her Mittens

I adore that milk glass cake plate! Lucky, lucky you!!


Beautiful, beautiful plate! Instead of getting rid of something to balance things out, you could always put something on top of the plate. One out, one up.



sell your lovely baking! Get some orders for cakes and you can deiver on cake-stand!


shopping may not be the answer, but the cake plate I think the 3 bags of clothes more than makes up for that! I've got a similar one in my house sitting on my dresser holding jewels and trinkets.


surely you must have some "george foreman' like electronic appliance you no longer use.

Modern Dilemma

Beautiful cake plate and yes, definitely allowable after 3 bags of clothes removed from the wardrobe. As for filling the days, I know the feeling well. I'm working 17.5hrs per week at the moment but it's not working out (too far away = lots of commuting) but the thought of giving it up and returning to an empty term time house is too scary. I know it's a cliche but I think it's where I'll end up - volunteering. Could that work for you? There are a million and one different projects out there which would be overjoyed to have someone like you for a few hours a week.

MD xx

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