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19 May 2011


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Is it possible to have too many home grown strawberries? Not that I would complain about having to combine them with scones and cream!


I was trying to explain clotted cream to someone here recently and I realised that "clotted" sounds rather unattractive until you've tasted it that is...


I'm glad I'm not the only one going overboard with the local strawberries! They are so good this year though aren't they?


I emitted a groan of desire as I saw those scones. Love strawberry season. I walk past strawberry farm each day with the dogs, the smell is amazing,especially in the evenings.


Oh, how I miss clotted cream! (It does sound silly to miss something that I only had once, in London, seven years ago. But there you go.)


my weak spot. Scone, clotted cream & strawberries. My desert island dish!

jen : painted fish studio

i won't see strawberries for a few more weeks, but now i know what i'm going to do with them! i can't wait! :)


Now those are some perfect looking scones - mine always turn out dry and horrible!


Oh please don't talk about scrummy food - I'm on a diet........again! :o(


Good looking scones Ali.


one of my favourite things in the world is a scone with clotted cream and strawberries :o)
your post is not good for my diet!


Oooh, I have strawberries in the fridge ...

French Knots

mmm bought lots of strawberries today, don't have the energy to make scones just now. But they do look delicious....

The Coffee Lady

Clotted cream. You're killing me.


Mmmmmmmm. A feast for the eyes and stomach.

nina - tabiboo

We're clinging to the last jar of strawberry jam in eager anticipation for the ripening of this seasons. Let the batch making begin.......nearly.

Have a lovely weekend

Nina x


When there's the prospect of scones and clotted cream, the diet can always wait until tomorrow! x

UK lass in US

I need to find some more UK flour and make some scones (my last attempt using American ingredients was rubbish). I had a cream tea at an English pub in Santa Monica a few weeks back, but they had put raisins in the scones. Sure, they tasted fine, but I grew up with plain scones and it just wasn't the same. Actually, I should just start a list of things that I need mum to make on my next visit home - my cooking never compares to hers, anyway...


Mmm! Can I please come over for tea?! K x


One can never have too many strawberries, but these look delicious anyway!


you evil evil person... scones? I just can't resist them...


You have just given me an urge for afternoon tea. It cannot be suppressed.


YUM. Delicious photos, I can only imagine the delicious taste!


it's beyond the end of the season here. I paid $8.99 a punnet for some today because they looked good. FOOLED I was! They tasted powdery. But I am enjoying the golden raspberries. Scones! Y U M !

Modern Dilemma

Yum, yum, yum. I fear making scones for some unknown reason (perhaps because my granny made the best and was gone before I got the recipe committed to family history). This weekend saw my first strawberries deposited on a large pile of vanilla buttercream on a thick vanilla sponge. Even the men didn't complain about the sweetness.

MD xx

Magic Bean

Well the skirting boards certainly will not see their second coat of paint tomorrow morning. I'll be baking scones as soon as I'm back fron the school run. Darn you and your blog! Ax


Strawberries are indeed a reason to buy clotted cream. On the aeroplane I was on yesterday, afternoon tea was on the menu (never had this on a plane before!) and it wasn't bad at all - warm scones, strawberry jam and rhoda's cornish clotted cream. It was like a little 'welcome home' via plane food.

The strawbs in my garden are now small and green, but they are abundant, so I think I'll be making a glut of jam again this year, just in time for the last jar being used from last year - I've been saving it!

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Lovely recipe, looks so yummy. I adore strawberries and with those clotted cream is so awesome.


These are similar to American strawberry shortcakes, one of my childhood favorites growing up in New England. Nice blog!

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