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31 May 2011


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Pong like a polecat! Hilarious. The felt ball necklaces are stunning but unfortuanately I can't wear wool because it makes me itchy like a...(insert appropriate metaphor here).


I keep seeing necklaces made with fabric wrapped balls and the like But I always fear that they may now be as easy as they look. These you have made are loely and look so simple I might even have a go at them

The Coffee Lady

I love these. I have one made by a friend, but it's not as long as yours, and I really like the length.


oh cute!

love the 2nd one...


Very sweet. Great idea for Christmas presents - thanks! x


Ok, now this might be one of those times where language differences come into play. "Pong like polecat" is definitely a mystery here. Those pretty necklaces are definitely understood in any language though! ;-D


Oh you've done it already--fabulous! So impressed. And the colors are so you.

Just have a few more beads to finish here before I can get started. In the meantime, I can snip some off the other two skeins to send along with the pompom maker :)

K x


They are gorgeous - and the bird hook sets them off beautifully! I've got tons of merino tops waiting to be turned into something - I may have to dig them out soon and make some beads. Thanks for the inspiration.
Cathy X


you're such a clever lady. I really love those colours.

Magic Bean

Very clever. And so chic. And the birdie hook is so so cute. All in all, am very jealous. Have a good half term, Ax

Katherine of Kitten's Lost Her Mittens

They're beautiful! You should make more and sell them! That way, we could get our hands on some of your gorgeous necklaces. :)

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The felt ball necklaces are stunning!


I had to look it up! Pong is such a great word! ;0)


Why does silk do that - I thought it was just me.



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