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05 May 2011


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Clearly a woman after my own heart.


Oooh I can't believe it. I had two of those purple cups to give you when you were here and I forgot. Now we must meet up so I can add to your cup collection!

K x


Better make sure you fill them with Tubby Custard then.

Magic Bean

Tinkywinky is just such a gorgeous shade. We have a po here, much fought over for juice at breakfast...Ax



I feel the same way about color. Happiness.


Love the bright colours! I gave away my own pink plastic cup when I left my office last month...and now I miss it! x

Simply H

Oh I love them, there is something so perfectly summery about drinking from gorgeous coloured plastic beakers! x


Lovely zingy colours - perfect for some fruity summer fizz!

nina - tabiboo

I absolutely love colour coded cups - they those ones are so versatile - plus they remind me of 'the best' ever sweeties!

I think we're all big kids at heart.

Nina x


I'm just like that too! I adore colour, and lots of it!

The Coffee Lady

Shudder. I was just archiving Teletubbies to the 'mainly forgotten' bit of my memory.


brilliant. i love what kids come out with :)
i know what you mean about aspiring to the 'neutral' but being hijacked by colour. in my case i'm slowly concluding that i'll never develop a true style for my home because it's just a mish mash of stuff i love. at least i love it :D


that is soooo funny.

Gosh, am I glad not to sit through that programme? mind-numbing or what? I seriously dispute that fact that children benefitted from it... urgh.

French Knots

Littlest has been poorly and we've watched non stop Peppa Pig for days.....sadly a bit of Laa Laa and co would be a welcome change!


So who get's Tinky-Winky's then!


From the mouths of babes eh?! :-) Hx


Ha ha. You gotta love em! The cups are lovely.


Ha, Teletubbies, yes! But even so. Colour is a good thing.


Children always get straight to the point don't they?! Teletubby decorating is not to be sniffed at! Lucy x


I love brightly colored things, even when they cause visions of Teletubbies to dance in my head. I think your cups are fab!



We all use these too ... for water, juice, milk, even wine ... which my 8yo discovered the other day when he took a slurp of what he thought was apple juice ...oops!

Modern Dilemma

Oooooh Rice cups, we have them too in an assortment of glorious jewelled colours. Every day I pile them up on the kitchen table beside a plastic jug of water and just the sight of them make me smile.

Quite like the idea of making them vehicles for tubby custard too....

MD xx


how funny you really weren't kidding when you said teletubbies colours!!!!! gorgeous, we LOVE our new rice cups, they are esp good for drinking wine from, gives it a kind of secretive edge. my neighbour drinks her late afternoon vino from her daughters \peter rabbit mug, she's leading me astray I fear.

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